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  • Developers get day in court over 'tyrannical greed' of Apple's App Store

    It is entirely reasonable for Apple to set a standard by which app developers comply. Why should Apple provide the App Store free? It has cost Apple a huge amount to create it. Plainly many developers are happy enough to pay a fee. When you go shopping, you pay a sum which covers the store’s overheads. Where does £200 billion come from? That is obviously completely fanciful.  If the apps are free, the amount of compensation is obviously nil: any percentage of nothing is nothing. To me such a claim is vexatious litigation and the court should throw it out. 
  • Apple appeals ruling in Epic Games lawsuit, requests stay on App Store changes

    If a company wishes to use Apple’s infrastructure, presumably it should pay. If it doesn’t want to pay, it sets up an alternative.  I think it can also be assumed Apple spent and continues to spend substantial sums setting up and running the App Store for which recompense would seem reasonable from app developers out of the payment made by the buying public.  As Apple provides a unique system, this presumably, allows Apple to charge more.  Why do small companies which have grown large simply because of Apple then feel it is not necessary to pay for that success? 
  • Happy birthday to Siri, the first and most frustrating voice assistant

    I am pleased other folks have problems with Siri. I find I say ‘Hey, Siri’ and end up
    with all my five devices answering, unless I put all but one well away. My HomePod via Siri often can’t find music in my library, even though it is either bought from iTunes or streamed from Apple Music. I also get Siri talking to me when I haven’t called him up. Basically, Siri is a complete waste of time, it’s quicker not to bother.
  • Apple cancels Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Mr. Corman' after one season

    Second series are often not as good as the first, particularly for programmes with a very narrow main story. It is better to quit while you’re ahead.
  • Apple engineers lack optimism about the Apple TV strategy, claims report

    Apple makes products which look fantastic, are all integrated, are astonishingly well designed and made and produce extremely high quality results.  This applies to hardware and software. There is a price to be paid for all of this, of course, and it would seem a lot of people are prepared to pay that premium. There is nothing else to compare with the range of Apple products.  There may be better individual products but everything Apple produces goes with everything else it produces.  Having said that, there are gaps and as other posters have said, a home tv/sound system is missing. I have been hoping Apple would produce an Apple quality tv since Steve Jobs first proposed the idea years ago.  Just imagine what that could do, in conjunction with the other Apple products!