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  • Apple is America's top corporate user of solar energy

    Ah, Apple-haters...

    It is sweetly typical to hear the infrastructure investment necessary to generate 330MW as "virtue signalling." 

    And the tortured logic of… Apple generates a shit-ton of clean energy with solar >> BUT there might be some unknown number of coal plants that will fire up in the event that all those solar arrays all stop working >> BUT industry isn't building nuclear plants, BECAUSE those hypothetical coal plants are backing up Apple solar farms === Apple is TEH SUCXXOR!!!

    Y'all are cute. Never change!
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  • Review: 2017 MacBook Pro fulfills the promise of the line's redesign

    These threads are so valuable!

    i used to think Apple was doing okay until I realized that they are ignoring the valuable market of "guys who buy the cheapest possible generic computer with no regard for design or aesthetics, then never replace it sooner than eight years."

    Also, I see that because Schiller didn't dedicate 90 minutes to listing precisely how many of each model they sold, they must be hiding a terrible truth. I expect them to close and return the money to the shareholders any day now.


    Actually, I eagerly await the companion piece to this review, looking at the 13" model. I really hope AI gets numbers for the high-end model.
  • Review: Apple's new 12" MacBook boasts incremental speed improvements

    I am a MacBook user, and have spent hundreds of hours writing code on mine. I happily trade a zillion ports and CPU for its super light weight. For me the form is the function. 

    I have a Mac Pro, which does compile about 2x as fast, but usually I prefer the couch and the MacBook to my desk and the big fast machine.

    Different folks work differently and have different values. 
  • Apple's Macs and iPads fall to third place in US classroom use

    stickista said:
    I'm as big an iPad fan as they come, and even I think that ChromeBooks are a far better solution for classrooms.
    Spoken by someone who has obviously never used a junker ChromeBook, nor who values their privacy and is willing to hand it over to Google on a silver platter.
    I have used Chromebooks, and (more to the point) my daughter uses them at her high school. She is perfectly content, despite the fact that we are an all Mac and iPad household at home. She really likes the ease with which she can access her school work from our Macs at home, in the same environment. 

    I appreciate and value top-quality hardware, more than most people, but I think Chromebooks, junkers or otherwise, are just fine for schools. Especially for poorly funded public schools. The best tool in the world might not be the best tool for a particular job.