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  • Tom Hanks disappointed with Apple TV+ 'Greyhound' release

    larryjw said:
    mtriviso said:
    Sigh. Just open the movie theaters. There's nothing like watching a movie in a massive IMAX 3D theater. If people are frightened they might get the rona, then just stay at home. Please, just let the rest of us who are unafraid enjoy what our acting troupes have to offer in the milieu to which we have become accustomed. 
    Frightened? Maybe informed. My grandparents and parents were WWI and WWII generations. And I'm a boomer pre-vaccine and pre-antibiotics. We know disease and pandemics first hand. 

    In reviewing census data for genealogy I would run across families asked how many children did you have? 14. How many still living? 4. My grandparents lost young siblings  and cousins to disease. STDs were a big problem among girls and guys in uniform stateside during WWII -- my mother's job was to help treat them. So was TB -- sanitariums built across the nation to confine them. Nobody thought it was bravery to not care if you came down with these diseases. Certainly, there was sympathy sometimes, but getting sick and not pulling your weight was morally reprehensible. 

    Being brave by ignoring a disease. My father's WWII diary mentions some other GI's getting sick -- great way to stay behind for some R&R while others did the fighting for you. Malingering was a problem and pissed off others pulling their weight. 

    And I had the pleasure of contracting polio during the 50's epidemic. It was no fun. 

    So, coming down with Covid-19 when you are fortunate enough to be able to take precautions is really morally reprehensible -- not willing to pull your weight. 
    Well written without being confrontational, informative, personal and sensible. I forgot I was on the internet for a moment, thanks for this!
  • Apple, Samsung beaten to foldable phone by clunky Royole FlexPai

    slurpy said:
    Apple out-innovated YET AGAIN!11 Tim Cook, what are you doing??! How will you compete with this??!! I've been an Apple veteran Since the Apple ][, have owned every single Apple product ever made, and clearly this is yet more evidence of Apple losing it's way and continuing on it's downward spiral.
    I’m sorry, what are you even talking about? If you have been buying apple forever you know that apple is consistently beaten to the market on technology. If you wanna just go back 1 year let’s talk about Face ID. Samsung has been scanning faces for 3 (or 4?) years now to Apples 1 year, but Samsung’s is woerthless for security. Apple’s solution actually works and is secure and was “late” to the market. Quite frankly for all you or I know, Steve Jobs could be buried with an iPhone from Jonny’s lab that folds and was out in 2001 before anyone thought of a smartphone, let alone alone with a folding screen. This phone even existing signifies nothing other than it shows that you can fold a screen. It also says nothing about it usability, longevity or actual purpose for exsisting.

    At 5,000 posts, I don’t think your post was a troll job. Was it supposed to be sarcastic? I really can’t understand given many many examples from the last 10 years how Apple has ever been first. Touch screen? Not first but showed everybody how to do it. Touch ID? Not first, most secure implementation. Oled? Not even close to first, but the best oled screen when they finally got it out. There are more, but you get the idea.
  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' rumored to top out at 7.5W for wireless charging

    Just because 15w fast charging exisits doesn’t mean it is good. Despite apple’s planned obsolescence IF you keep trying to upgrade iOS, the hardware seems to have great longevity. I would image, given the heat the the Apple Watch generates while charging, that the heat from fast wireless charging would degrade the battery quickly. 

    I am, however, not a battery engineer....more just observations I have made of my own wireless charging experiences and what I read.
  • Barclays survey suggests Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program well suited for 'iPhone 8' pricing...

    This is all well and good to me (full disclosure, member of the program). BUT: if, like last year, I cannot even preorder one due to the upgrade program debacle.....what’s the point?
  • Romanian gang arrested for stealing $590,000 in Apple iPhones from a moving truck

    Like a movie! Awesome method of theft, not very discreet though....

    dispatch text: “bill your being robbed pull over!”

    driver bills phone: “I’m driving with Do Not Disturb While Driving turned on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going.”