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  • 'Severance' nominated for Producers' Guild award

    Tough competition, but wow, what a spectacular series! 
  • Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Review: Fun and Functional

    We used to sell these for iPhone and iPad. 

    They were sadly never practical for how I use and transport my gear, but I always loved them. Beautifully made, lovely irony between their quaintness and their content, and it's just such a great idea. 

    I'd love to have one, even though I'm afraid I'd never use it.

    Highly recommended, even for the price. 
  • Apple gives some older iPhones OS updates, going back to iPhone 5s

    darkvader said:
    Nothing short of amazing. Bravo Apple my Mother’s iPhone 6 Plus just got the update. Apple just keeps making this old hardware still usable for basic web and FaceBook 9-10 years after launch

    Amazing?  More like pitiful. 

    The Apple //e was in continuous production from 1983 to 1993, was fully supported the whole time.  The Macintosh Plus was in continuous production from 1986 to 1990, and ran current System versions from 0.7 to 7.5.5, 11 years of current software support.  The iPhone 6+ is only 9 years old, and hasn't been able to run the current version of iOS since 2018, it's only gotten security patches.
    Hi, darkvader.

    You seem to have been asleep for twenty years; this must all be very confusing for you. 

    We're currently in the third decade of the twenty-first century. We have these little things — we call them "phones", but they're really hand-held computers, and most people replace them every two or three years. Yeah, it's a little disconcerting, I know. 

    I'm sure someone will be around presently to help you orientate yourself. 
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  • 'Foundation' trailer teases new season & summer release

    Dang. Why the long wait between seasons? It completely kills the momentum. 
    Covid happened. 
  • Musicians aren't losing out from streaming music, UK regulator says

    The biggest issue right now is the distribution of subscription fees. 

    Currently, everyone's fees are thrown in a pot and distributed according to the total number of streams. 

    This is somewhere between problematic and catastrophic. 

    1.) it opens the floodgates for manipulation. Bot farms streaming hundreds of thousands of instances generate real money, and take it away from all the rest of us. 

    2.) it ensures that only the major players get any sort of meaningful revenue. 

    What we need is a model where each user's subscription fee is allocated to the artists THAT USER listens to. 

    A kid who pays a $12 subscription fee, but only listens to his three favourite underground bands, sees all his money goes to Drake and Taylor Swift. 

    That is not okay, and it makes work impossible for a whole range of indie artists who used to sell just enough records to their loyal fanbase to break even.