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  • Employee COVID outbreak forces Apple to close Texas store

    KTR said:
    If people do not follow the rules or implement standards, this virus WILL NEVER go., Oh well.  The country will go broke.
    Dude: the virus isn’t going away, ever. 

    lkrupp said:
    KTR said:
    If people do not follow the rules or implement standards, this virus WILL NEVER go., Oh well.  The country will go broke.
    A member of the Illinois legislature has introduced a bill that would require non-vaccinated people hospitalized with Covid to pay the costs of their hospitalization out-of-pocket, whether they have insurance or not. Hit someone hard enough in the pocketbook is usually the only way to get their attention. The bill probably won’t get far but I think it’s a great idea to ‘encourage’ vaccinations.
    I guess we should also require anyone who doesn’t drive a tank to and from work to pay their own hospital expenses when they are involved in a car accident, whether they have insurance or not. 

    sflocal said:
    This is human stupidity at its finest.  The selfish, moronic, conspiracy-loving anti-vaxxers are putting people's live at risk.  They are just too stupid and ignorant to accept it.  I'm all for personal choice and keeping the government out of my body, but what's it going to take to get these people to understand that COVID is here to stay until they get vaccinated?! 

    One can only hope that Darwin will take care of things, but even then... that's years down the road.
    In addition to all the comments above, I’d add that it’s interesting how you and others have immediately jumped to conclusions about the vaccination status of these Apple employees. And like I said at the top of this comment: this virus isn’t going away, ever. It’ll be just another flu strain to contend with every year. 

    Texas……where a virus has reproductive rights but a woman doesn't!
    There are no such things as “reproductive rights”. Roe was based on a right to privacy.
  • Pedestrian killed by Uber self-driving car, testing stops in all cities

    I am so proud of Uber. They just made history. This will go down in the history books!

    First pedestrian killed by a self-driving car. Way to go Uber!

    Duh! I think we all knew this would happen sooner or later. I'm sure there will be more "sacrificial lambs" before autonomous cars really take off.
    You clowns might want to get some more facts concerning this event before commenting.  I'm not for or against autonomous cars; if anything I don't really have an opinion at this point because I think it's a long way off in the future.  At any rate, the accident occurred at night and not in an intersection.  It may easily be the case that the person left the sidewalk to cross the street at the worst possible moment, just as the car was driving by.  Having a driver in the car may have been no help in such a case.
  • WSJ jumps on iPhone X production cut story, adds new fictions

    Hahahaha!  Funny to see the libs come out and defend Apple over fake news, but trash Trump when he declares a story is fake.  What a bunch of hypocrites!
  • U.S. government questions Apple over iPhone slowdown debacle

    This is incredibly stupid.

    rob53 said:
    Here we go again, someone who knows next to nothing about how rechargeable batteries work. Why is it nobody cares about all their battery operated devices needing new batteries? We hardly ever hear about those but everyone is complaining about Apple's batteries as if they expect them to last forever. People need to get a grip and realize we're not using Star Trek era power sources that last longer but also don't last forever. As for Apple being required to give people free replacement batteries, if the courts demand this then I'm suing every manufacturer of battery operated devices for a lifetime supply of batteries, starting with my rechargeable batteries in my power tools. It's the same thing and don't get me started on Apple changing software to slow their devices down a bit to extend the life of the power in their batteries. This makes sense and people should appreciate it. As for the law firms going after Apple, I think Congress should investigate them and all the other ambulance chasing lawyers. Get rid of them. 

    cornchip said:
    Oh my lord. Guess I shoul have seen this one coming...

    foggyhill said:
    More grandstanding from political shitheads, but in another country. That is something that unites the world: technical idiocy.

    Rayz2016 said:
    Apple needs to send him the explanation as a picture book. 

    This is really getting ridiculous! First of, I do feel what Apple did, slowing down the phone, was to provide better value for the customer. It allows them to push their buying decision for new phone further down the line. Rechargeable batteries do have some end of life. As far as the speed goes, let's get real - Phones are communication and utility device, they are not solving some mission critical problem where a slowness is impacting the owners need. Yes, Apple did one thing wrong. Not informing their customer that they are switching into that mode. Couldn't they have used the "Power Save" mode to do exactly what they were doing otherwise? 

    In any case, Apple apologized and I think they have provided a generous deal for battery replacement. What I don't like is some French government action prompted this administration to question Apple and that too from an official who doesn't understand technology. Maybe, we should have out representative go question auto car manufacturer - It is commonly known that there are speed governors in car with electronics where it controls your max speed limit. The car can really go much more faster. Obviously the car companies do it so for the safety of the owner of the car, but also so that it doesn't destroy the engine due to prolonged running of engine at higher speed. Kind of sound familiar, doesn't it.
    To all of you: your outrage and criticism is just about as silly as the outrage and criticism aimed at Apple over all of this.  If you bothered to look at the original WSJ article, you'll see that Thune's questions are more related to how Apple is handling the issue with consumers and not directly with the battery and software issues themselves.  Good grief.
  • Final version of HDMI 2.1 standard released with 48Gbps of bandwidth supporting 10K resolu...

    Last line of the article: "Aside from devices with dedicated HDMI ports, there are embedded HDMI implementations in Lightning, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Type-C, and Thunderbolt 3, enabled by adaptors [sic]."

    Yes, those lovely adapters.  I'd have thought Apple would've kept 1 USB-A port and an HDMI port on the MBP.  Oh well.