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  • Apple, ad agency sued over voice sample used in iPhone 6 TV commercial

    Each unique use of a composition or recording requires permission. That's just a fact of copyright law. The use of sampling has complicated things even more, because a snippet here, and a loop there, all have to be cleared. In the instance of "Good times" being used by Jamie xx, it looks like the company who controls the master recording (Universal) got permission from one of the rights holders. What isn't clear is if in the Persuasions' agreement with Universal allows Universal to speak for them regarding rights to use the recording. Also what's not clear is if Apple and the advertising agency got permission from Universal, or perhaps even the forgetful group member. The potential injury is quite clear: if the plaintiff had given his permission, he could have negotiated compensation for the use with Apple and/or the advertising agency. For example, he could have gotten, say, a percentage of the revenue generated by each airing of the commercial. It's like how Apple pays artists/record labels at set fee each time a song is streamed. The plaintiff could have had quite a nice payday.
  • Apple starts sales of SIM-free iPhone 7, 7 Plus handsets in US

    It's all about resale value, people. A phone that works on both GSM and CDMA carriers have the most value. So don't buy the version specific to AT&T/T-Mobile. The Verizon version works on all the major carriers and MVNO's throughout North America.
  • Apple Music tops customer satisfaction in new JD Power study

    I will agree to disagree with this.

    No matter how many times I press the "dislike" button on a song, Apple creates a weekly mix starting with that damn song ... and it gets thrown into every single suggestion known to man. Equally as annoying .... at the beginning of Apple Music I stated I disliked all R&B / Rap ... and guess what ... it's in my weekly mix too. So good. So very SATISFIED OVER HERE. :|
    The algorithm places a higher value on what you tap LIKE on. Do you like anything? Saying you dislike something doesn't mean it won't get served up again. Even the confirmation message that pops up when you tap DISLIKE says it'll play "less songs like this one" not "we'll never play this song again."
  • Inside iOS 10: Apple Maps will remember where you parked your car

    sirdir said:
    Well for me, they can't even get my home address right. They just don't recognise it. And I haven't found a way yet like 'siri, set my current position as my home address'... just doesn't work. Apple thinks I live in the nearest town and still need to go 6 minutes when I'm at home...
    What Siri considers to be Home is the address you put in Contacts, for the card labeled "me." Once you do that (and it's accurate), iOS and macOS uses that information to inform Siri, Maps, Apple Pay shipping options and more.
  • AT&T & T-Mobile versions of iPhone 7 likely using Intel modem incompatible with Sprint & Verizon

    pigybank said:
    As a T Mobile customer who is more than satisfied, I have no intention of ever using my phone with a CDMA network. 
    This is not about iPhone buyers wanting to use CDMA networks. It's all about the resale value of your phone when you're ready to upgrade. A phone that supports every network and frequency worldwide is infinitely more valuable than one that is built for a specific carrier in a specific country.