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  • Inside macOS Mojave: How to use Apple's new Screenshots feature

    Personally, I use these shortcuts so often that it's more handy to drop them all down by a one key. They've never interfered with any other shortcut mappings as far as I know.
  • Photo smackdown: iPhone XS Max versus Samsung's Galaxy Note 9

    As much as I love iOS, after seeing these 3 photos of the guy against the sun I really ought to take a look at that Samsung phone. I mean, in those photos his face is much better lit.
    A lot of the Note 9 photos look better to me. Counting them up it's a little over half the Note 9 photos seem superior.

    If they did a blind test where they list a a couple dozen photos and then have the reader determine which phone took it I feel like the Note 9 would come out ahead.
  • Apple Pay chief says Apple not out to disrupt credit card industry

    My only concern about the student IDs via NFC if they will work when the device has no battery power. While that's certainly handy, I don't think it's safe that someone could lose or have an iPhone stolen and then when the power runs out it will still allow access to dorm by pressing the Sleep/Wake button. 

    Please explain what “open loop” technology for London tube is - and it’s (dis)advantage is. 
    I think this will answer everything for you:

    LukeCage said:
    Well most disruptions don't start off with people trying to actually disrupt an industry, they just try to get a niche and the rest is history. However in this case, Apple being as big as it is, if they said that they were trying, they would have regulatory boards in America and Europe all over them. For Apple to disrupt the credit card industry, imo, they would have to go after the banks, but banks now are much bigger and more powerful than they used to be. I'm not saying it's impossible but it's would be a pretty hard task to accomplish. 
    I believe Apple choose the best solution and I'm happy to say it's the solution I proffered years before Apple Pay was ever introduced. My only wish is that the extra security for using Apple Pay would result in lower transaction fees for retailers which would help them advertise this option more, and for mom-and-pop shops with discreet card readers that have mostly supported Apple Pay (and all other NFC-based scanners to have the company that supplies the device notify them that they can take these *Pay payments.

    If anyone wants to help with increasing the saturation in your area you can order—free of charge—register and door stickers from Apple that you can give to those businesses when you come across them. I don't do it for Apple; I do it for myself, because the sooner I can reach a tipping point where I can more freely not carry my physical cards on me the more convenient my life will be.

  • Last year's iPhone X beats iPhone XS, XS Max in battery life test

    1) I'm most curious about how the battery is made for the 5.8" iPhone. Is that single battery or is still two separate batteries like in the 6.5" model?

    2) If not for the archaic physical SIM I think they could move the logic board to the top so that the batteries in both models could a single rectangular design that I believe would be less expensive to build and hold more energy.

    Do you think they could fix it in a software update if enough people complain?
    I think they'll likely resolve it in a SW update even if no one complains. This isn't uncommon for brand new HW on a brand new OS with new firmware.
  • PSA: Apple Watch Series 4's fall detection is off by default for most people

    eriamjh said:
    I would HOPE that most people under the age of 65 (and especially much younger) are active enough that fall detection HAS to be disabled to prevent false positives.   

    If you are not, then god help you.  Get moving.
    I'm very curious to see what the limitations of this feature is. I hope AI (or someone else) does an in-depth series of tests to see exactly how it works. Regardless of your age, falling from a ladder when cleaning your gutters is still a potential problem.