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  • Samsung goes after Apple and iPhone X again with two more 'Ingenious' ads

    Samsung and Apple's pencils aren't styluses, they're digitizers.
    I always considered the substrate the digitizer, not the physical pointing device.
  • Apple focuses on ease of use in "Just text them the money" Apple Pay ad

    It’s interesting that Apple Pay Cash is still limited to the US. Surely it’s not that big a leap, when Apple Pay is already successful, to launch it in markets such as the U.K. 
    Apple Pay is inherently more complex to set up than Apple Pay Cash (APC) because Apple needs to have multiple financial instructions in the chain between the user and their bank, and that's not including the retailer accepting NFC-based payments. With APC it's between iPhones and Watches (which is even fewer device types than with Apple Pay), and it's just a regular debit card to pull from your bank (assuming you don't have enough on APC card held by Apple) and your check routing and account numbers to put into your account. That's all pretty standard and what PayPal and many others have been doing for well over a decade.

    So even if Apple Pay didn't exist, Apple could've still created a P2P payment system through their their chat service, which is also something that's existed well before APC was ever announced. So what's the hold up if PayPal is in over 200 countries? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    It's easier to look at the prohibitive countries:

  • Consumer Reports crowns Apple Pay Cash best P2P payments service

    LukeCage said:
    I don’t feel Apple should get punished for the broad access so much because in some instances it’s literally not their fault. Look how long it took CVS to allow Apple Pay and big name hold outs still include Target and Walmart. However on the other hand Apple doesn’t advertise Apple Pay at least that’s what it seems to me.  Also I often hear that Apple doesn’t work with businesses to get Apple Pay stickers in windows and just get the word out. 
    This is about Apple Pay Cash, not Apple Pay. The issue with "broad access" is that it can only be used between two users with iOS and watchOS devices.
  • Latest iOS 12 beta hints at rounded displays for Apple's 2018 iPad Pro refresh [u]

    crowley said:
    Soli said:
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    slurpy said:
    Cue the outrage of those who claim that those few lost pixels in the corners are critical to their workflow..
    Ugh! I hope corner-gate doesn't happen, but if the internet has taught me anything is that if you can think of it then someone will complain about it.
    But this is a pure example of form over function, which you've railed against before?
    If after 11 months of being on the market you can't understand how the iPhone X maximizing as much of the front-face as possible with the display allows for a better user experience since the display is the primary UI then I don't think there's anything I can say that will ever make you understand how the iPhone X was designed with functionality in mind.
    How is this is relevant to rounded corners?

    The iPhone X (which I have, like, and am not complaining about) could have the same display size, resolution, and bezel depth, while not having rounded corners. 

    Form over function.
    So you're complaining that the iPhone X casing wasn't made larger so that it could accommodate 90° angles at the display corners and you don't understand how increasing the size of the casing and removing the curves from the casing would affect the utility of the device? 🤦‍♂️

    Because you're not one to do even a modicum of research of analysis to back up any point (being generous here) that you may have, I decided to create a mockup of the iPhone X that you say would be perfectly fine with "the same display size, resolution, and bezel depth, while not having rounded corners." I did my best to make sure the white rectangular box when up to the very edge of the display sides and top without crossing over into the bezels. Of course, that's not possible when dealing with a right angle display.

    So now that you have your display with the same resolution but with no rounded corners can you explain how the fuck that could be made without changing the casing so that it also has right angles so it could also keep, as you say, "the same […] 
    bezel depth"? Are you even aware of how the curves in the casing adds to its structural intregrtity or is that also one of those engineering decisions that you believe is a form over function?

  • 'iPhone X Plus' design seemingly revealed in iOS 12 beta

    That doesn't look larger to me. In fact, it looks more exacting than the other image currently found in the iOS 12 beta that is labeled D22, which I believe was the code name for the iPhone X last year. The notch on the D22 image (far right) looks more like what we're seeing with iPhone X knockoffs.

    (Left to right) iPhone X, "Payment_glyph_intent_phone.caar" file, "Payment_glyph_phone-D22.caar" file

    Then there's the wonky square image that looks like an iPod Nano. 
    I really can't see a perfectly square iPad coming out, nor the return of the iPod nano, and the buttons are wrong for the Apple Watch, so I'm wondering if Apple will simply manipulate (i.e.: stretch) the image as needed for whatever aspect ratio is needed to match that iPad.