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  • Apple's AirPower mat inches closer to release, again said to arrive in March

    My wife got me a Mophie inductive charger for Christmas. A coworker had told her how much he lives his with his iPhone X.  I returned it for an Apple Store gift card in anticipation of this, considering I have a X, a Series 3 and AirPods it seems like the much better choice. I’m hoping the cost isn’t too crazy. 
    A Polish retailer had the price coming out to $199. I don't recall if that included VAT, but I can see this being at least $149.

    Don't forget you also need to buy a new AirPod charging case. Honestly, how often do you charge that thing? It seems like you could many days without charging and then it charges fast.
  • Swype add-on keyboard discontinued, pulled from iOS App Store

    maestro64 said:
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    lkrupp said:
    I remember well the incessant blathering about alternate keyboards by trolls and those never, EVER satisfied with what Apple does. The castigating was intense because Apple wouldn’t allow Swype on iOS. And now it’s gone.

    Can’t wait for the sadness and fawning praise for a now defunct product that was once the “reason” people weren’t going to buy iPhones. Apple,  always doomed.
    I'm glad Apple finally created a "secure" method for these people to add 3rd-party keyboards if mostly just to show that they're mostly unused and have security risks that Apple can't stop if your special keyboard needs network access and you willingly choose to allow eery keystroke you make to be sent to some random developer's servers.
    I'm glad Apple thought about security down to the keyboard level, but it can be frustrating at times of Apple knows you are about to enter UID or password they force you to use the default Apple keyboard.  I use 1 password on my phone and it will not let me search in the appl with the Swype keyboard, it seams to know it's a secure app. This is pain at time since I automatically just start to Swype.
    They have APIs that allow apps to securely access your password manager, but no Apple apps use it and so few 3rd-party apps use it.

    Q: Do you do this so 1P is always available in mobile Safari?

  • Apple Park now Apple's official corporate address

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    Moving an entire workforce?   I thought lots of people were staying at 1 Infinite Loop and that address isn't going away.   I was under the impression in addition to those people who weren't moving, the freed-up space at 1 Infinite Loop was going to be used to consolidate employees who are currently in various leased buildings around Cupertino and it was those buildings that would eventually be emptied of Apple employees.    I seem to remember reading something about fears of an office space real estate glut in Cupertino once Apple completed this.   
    I do not work at Apple but I have numerous pals who do.

    1 Infinite Loop isn't shutting down. As you theorized, many other employees will be moving into 1 Infinite Loop once the current occupants (mostly iPhone, iPad, Mac, hardware engineers as well as iOS and macOS software engineers). Let's say you work on Apple Maps or iCloud Backup; well, you're not going to Apple Park, but you probably will move into 1 Infinite Loop.

    Apple Park has been deemed an engineering campus so 1 Infinite Loop will likely become the home for a bunch of administrative groups: Product Marketing, Finance, Legal, etc.

    Some of the satellite Apple campuses will eventually shut down as leases expire. Apple has a number of buildings in neighboring Sunnyvale and eventually those people will move closer to the Infinite Loop/Mariana/Bandley area.

    This will likely free up some highly desirable smaller buildings and complexes for smaller companies as Apple has had a stranglehold on Cupertino office space for a number of years.
    1) Do you know if the Apple Store at 1 Infinite Loop will be closing down?

    2) The employees staying at 1 Infinite Loop have to at least have to be glad that parking will ease up (even if they wish they could move to Apple Park for a change of scenery). Every time I'm there it's a nightmare to park, which countless cars parking in the aisle thruways which just makes maneuvering even more difficult. Seems like an incredibly stressful way to start and end your day. No wonder Jobs parked in the handicapped spot.
  • Apple to prep second season of 'Carpool Karaoke'

    sfjohn said:
    Just not interested in Apple video. Why doesn’t Apple buy Disney? Everything apple wants to do is so very G rated! I have more fun with Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Sense8. It’s all too scandalous for Apple. Oh well, maybe someday…
    1) Disney does a lot more than G-rated content. They owned Miramax until around 2010, I think, and they currently own plenty of companies that aren't in the direct, family-friendly umbrella of Disney. Plus, even with Apple's great wealth I'm not sure it would be a great buy, even if they could do a hostile take over.

    2) It looks like you don't mind adult content and have Netflix. Check out Altered Carbon. Season 1 hit Netflix 2 weeks ago.
  • Flipboard CEO knocks Apple News for closed ecosystem, says product is 'living in the past'...

    revenant said:
    flip board became too annoying for me. happily using apple news, I just appreciated the layout.  interestingly enough-- I am really digging the olympic medal count.  apparently they think the Koreas might be reunited, there is a Korea listing, NK listing and a SK listing. (sorry the pics are huge, I do not know how to make them thumbnails.

    It's not about the counties (politically) being united, but that NK and SK do have a join team event for the first time since their split, which is wonderful.