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  • iPhone X took over two years to develop, marks new chapter in iPhone design, says Jony Ive...

    AuthenTec before Apple made it into Touch ID

    PrimeSense before Apple made it into Face ID

  • Chinese counterfeiter made over $1.1M trafficking phony iPhones, iPads in US

    jd_in_sb said:
    What exactly is a fake iPhone? An android with a iPhone-like body and skin?
    netrox said:
    I wonder exactly how does he manage to make counterfeit iPhones as well.
    zoetmb said:
    Did these phones work?  Did they use iOS?  Was it obvious looking at them that they weren't real Apple products?   Did they sell them to individuals or to retailers?  
    I assume they're something like this…

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  • iPhone X impresses Windows executive, Android fans but bitter bloggers still hating

    ktappe said:
    This may be a bit unpopular, but I need to say Diaz has some points. When he says "battery life that lasts for more than a few hours of usage, materials that are truly durable" both are on target. iPhone X's front & back glass is apparently easily damaged by dropping it, and it costs and arm and a leg to get such damage repaired. X also doesn't have any better battery life (unless you play color inversion tricks as AI disclosed) than previous models.

    We should not fall over ourselves to claim a critic has no points just because he's shown bias in the past. Yes, he (for some reason) has many axes to grind, but ignore his critiques at your own peril, Apple. The rest of us want durable, long-lasting iPhones too.


  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    Amazon echo is over rated.  I think it will fade in time.
    Amazon people who have never used voice assistance will be impressed for a while with Alexa.
    Time will tell.
    I've been using Siri from the start. I currently use Siri and voice dictation with my Mac, iPhone, Watch, and have used Siri in the past with an iPad.

    I've also had an Amazon Echo since it first came out. I was quite lucky with their lottery and got the very first shipment of the Echo. I was impressed then and I still am today. As Ttollerton states, the HW is more extensive, which probably means the far-field microphones can do a better job, but its excellence as a product and service far exceeds that one aspect. 

    Alexa is amazingly fast. It feels like it's processing its answer before you even finish speaking so it can reply with a cadence that would impress a Gilmore Girl. It also never seems to misunderstand a single thing I say and never seems to have to "think about" what I asked, unlike Siri. With Siri it feels like it it's querying a server for a reply, but with Alexa it all feels localized even though it's not. Same WiFi network and same broadband connection.

    All these services have pros and cons—most of which are the same—but Alexa has 3 great features I wish Apple had brought to Siri from the start:

    1. I can look at any previous Alexa request in my history in the Alexa app on on I can then let Amazon know how well the service did in understanding my voice (voice-to-text) and/or parsing my query. If Apple had this I believe they could've made Siri much better, much faster.
    2. I can load Skills into Alexa. These are 3rd-party apps for Alexa. Whatever abilities the Alexa service comes with out of the box, telling Alexa to add a Skill shores up pretty much anything you can think of. I think Apple just opened up Siri to 3rd-party developers with APIs for iOS 10 but I honestly can't recall because of the way Apple seems to treat Siri like the M[achi]n[e] in the Iron Mask.
    3. I get emails from Amazon letting me know what new features were added to the Alexa service. They list many example commands and major new Skills and I'm often willing to try them because they are usually pretty nifty. I know Apple has added new features to Siri—which oddly seem to come with iOS updates—but I couldn't tell you any of its newer features to enrich my life because of how they market the service.

    I'm sure Siri is world's better than it was when it originally came out on the iPhone 4S in 2011, and I'm sure that many of the questions I've asked in the past and got poor to no answer probably work great now, but I don't go to the trouble of writing down all the failed queries, wait a year, and then try them again. This is not uncommon and Siri has spoiled for many Apple customers except for the most basic requests. Apple needs to find a way to reinvigorate Siri.

    PS: I'm remodeling my home and when my bedroom is finished I'll be going "electronics free" in the bedroom (mostly) with the intention of it leading to better sleep habits which will hopefully result in more productive waking hours. That means no iPhone or Watch will charge in the room on the nightstand. No entertainment in the bedroom (meaning no Mac, no TV, and no book reading). Not even a traditional alarm clock will be used because of the light from the clock can have a negative effect, according to some studies. Instead I'll have an Amazon Dot ($49) which will allow me to voice activate setting an alarm and asking what time it is as its primary use. I tested this with my Echo, but I'd rather keep that in the kitchen/dining area because of its great speaker and its benefits when cooking.
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  • Latest Apple Park drone video shows completed Steve Jobs Theater ahead of Sept. 12 event

    I wonder if the above ground area would be a good place for showcasing new products. Events typically start at 10am and so there would be plenty of natural light from 360° shortly after noon to make products in the cases glow. However, these plans only show that as Lobby, not an Exhibition area.

    They aren't required to make it one or the other, and it's clearly going to be the primary lobby before the event, but I suspect downstairs may be too. The temporary storage area is probably where the tables or cases with products will be stored and then set up during the show so the media can see it immediately afterwards.

    Perhaps controlling the light downstairs is the better option, and taking items up those two elevators may be be cumbersome since they aren't the large service elevators that located behind the stage. In fact, their circle design makes me assume they are glass. Also not the locations of the bathrooms with their dual access from the exhibit space and the auditorium, with what I assume will be an easy method for blocking access back into the exhibit area while not removing sufficient exit points in case of an emergency.

  • Watch: iPhone X takes on Samsung's Galaxy S9+ in benchmarking bonanza

    The iPhone X on the other hand, has a 6-core A11 Bionic processor with two high performance cores and four efficiency cores.
    I think it's worth noting that the A11 Bionic isn't like the bigLITTLE cores used by other devices as it can run with the 4 low performance cores, 2 high performance cores, or all 6 cores at once.
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  • How to add AirDrop to the Dock in macOS to quickly send files to a nearby iPhone or iPad

    There's a 3rd method:

    In Finder do a search for The search will yield nothing. Click the '+' sign and then Other… and then add System Files to your search parameter and select Are Included.

    I think it's good to have this checked so it's always a quick option when searching for items so you only ever have to go through that process once to find anything on your Mac quickly.

  • Review: Apple's 2017 10.5" iPad Pro stuns with 120Hz ProMotion display

    dougd said:
    I don't care what they do to improve the iPad. If you gave me one I'd sell it off to buy the latest Plus version of the iPhone 

    An iPad is a useless device to me.
    Then why click on an article about the iPad and then post in the forum about it? If you truly didn't care you wouldn't have bothered with either.
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  • Apple Watch holiday sales volume beat entire Swiss watch industry for first time

    1) I wondered if and when AI was going to get to this story. This is massive… especially since Apple Watch is an abject failure. /s

    2) As we know from Android- and Windows-based vendors, unit sales means squat without other factors. I'm curious how the Swiss watch makers are doing. I assume their high-end and low-end products aren't suffering, but that their mid-tier products—where I think they make the bulk of their revenue and profits—would be heavily affected by the Apple Watch

    3)  As I've said for nearly 3 years now, the Apple Watch is "unnecessary, yet indispensable" and that still holds true today, if not more so, since it now allows me to keep my iPhone off my person more often as I now have the cellular Watch, and I wear it to bed to monitor and record my sleep patterns, only charging during my bis in die ablutions.
  • Apple AirPods to arrive in stores on Dec. 19, report says

    I predict people will bitch that stores are getting them first and they already spent money on the pre-order.

    Do they work on a Mac as well?
    Yes, they work just like any BT headphones, but if you have a device with a newer version of iOS, macOS or watchOS it will work even better, as well as sync the pairing data through iCloud so that your other devices are ready to switch to headphone with the W1-chip as you see fit.