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  • Compared: iPhone 12 versus iPhone 12 mini versus iPhone 12 Pro versus iPhone 12 Pro Max

    ronn said:
    For us, the Pro Max is just too much Max. Especially as we're going from the 8+ at 5.5 inches. So we'll be up early on Friday for a couple of the 12 Pros: one Graphite and one Pacific Blue. 
    Before you do that, look closely at the overall dimensions of the 12 Max vs. the 11 Max, they’re very close.

    11 Max:  77.8mm x 158mm x 8.1mm (
    12 Max:  78.1mm x 160.8mm x 7.4mm

    So the 12 Max is only 0.3mm wider (width matters most for holding in your hand).  Keep in mind that most of the 12 Max screen increase is from using a squared off body and taking the screen closer to the edge. The 11’s rounded edge body brings the screen further in from the overall outer dimensions (which is what matters for holding the device) so the screen size is smaller in what is essentially the same footprint.
  • Apple Music web browser player launches in beta

    So this is going to replace iTunes for Windows I assume?
    I highly doubt it because it does not appear that the web interface allows for smart playlist management, and certainly does not provide for syncing a local iTunes library (for those non-Apple Music/ iCloud Music Library users). If you're not an Apple Music/ iCloud Music Library user, you have to have iTunes to manage your playlists and sync your devices. So IMO, iTunes for Windows is highly likely here to stay for some time. Perhaps someday Apple may split up iTunes for Windows into Music, TV, Podcast, etc. but they'd have to find a way to handle syncing iOS devices with a local library within a "Music for Windows" app (on a Mac, the upcoming "Music" app won't sync devices, that will be done via Finder).
  • 'Find my iPhone' warned murder victim of assailant's location minutes before death

    Find my iPhone is based on the Apple ID, not the carrier's Family Plan. They must have been sharing one Apple ID and in that case, the attacker would've had the ability to track the victim as well.
    While everything on a single iCloud account can be tracked with Find My iPhone, so can devices all associated with a Family Plan.
    Minor nit, but "Family Sharing" is Apple's terminology for sharing iCloud space, calenders, notes, purchases, etc. One does not have to have a "plan" per se, even a free 5 GB iCloud account can participate in Family Sharing to open up features like Find My iPhone for family devices (but only Organizer and Parent/Guardian).
  • Apple releases macOS Mojave 10.14.2, tvOS 12.1.1, plus iOS 12.1.1 with FaceTime changes, e...

    davgreg said:
    Would be nice to see FaceTime added to the Apple TV.
    Yeah, ATV has no camera.
    You can, however, screen mirror a FaceTime session to ATV using your iPhone or iPad.
  • Wipe your iPhone before selling it, because if you don't you might get your data stolen

    You can still do things such as changing your Apple ID password. Then if someone gets into your phone, they won't know that new one and won't be able to use, for instance, your Mail to send messages.
    Huh? This only makes sense if you use your iCloud mail as your primary mail account. Most people don’t.

    However, an iCloud backup isn't complete. It's intended to safeguard what Apple thinks is your most important data, such as your photos, your account settings, documents and so on. It does not backup your apps. The logic is that you can always get those again from the App Store but sometimes you can't and always you have to re-enter your login details.
    So backup via iTunes. Plug your iPhone into your Mac, tell iTunes to make an encrypted backup, and let it take all the time it likes to copy everything over. 

    iTunes does not back up apps. 

    More to the point, both forms of backup keep a record of what apps you had installed and how you had them arranged. It used to be that an iTunes backup would reinstall locally-saved apps at the conclusion of loading the backup, but of course that convenience was neutered by Apple some time ago. So today, both backup methodologies deliver the same results with respect to apps, you get placeholders installed and the apps are then re-downloaded wirelessly.