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  • iPhone's global marketshare dips to 10.1% amid rise of Samsung & Chinese brands

    That signifies nothing. Just noise without signal. Unlike other brands whose only achievement is a smartphone, Apple has many products that sell, such as iPad, Watch, AirPods and certainly Mac. I’am the one who caused iPhone’s marketshare to shrink by one for example, this year instead of updating my iPhone 8+ to an XR with good trade-in value, I purchased Watch 4, 10.5” iPad Air and a Pencil without any trade-in. Put the blame on me for shrinking iPhone’s market share...
    Spot on. I’m still rocking an iPhone 7+. Upgraded to Series 4 watch, another Series 4 watch for wife, iPhone XS for wife, bought a bunch of HomeKit gear, 10.5” iPad Pro, Apple Pencil ✏️ and in 2017 a highly specced iMac 5K. 

    Itching for a HomePod, 12.9” iPad Pro (with pencil and keyboard), and more HomeKit gear. 

    So it is also my fault that iPhone revenue has dipped below the norm. 
  • Facebook denies report claiming Zuckerberg ordered execs to go Android-only

    I'll bet he said it in a really weird, pee wee Herman voice.
    I can see that. Anything I've ever seen or read about him makes me sick. Didn't he once call Facebook users dumb **** ???
  • Facebook denies report claiming Zuckerberg ordered execs to go Android-only

    I go out of my way now to avoid anything to do with Facebook, same as I do for Google. The only IT company I can trust with my personal data is Apple.

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  • IBM open-sources [email protected] code, spreading tech to other businesses

    I used PCs for over 20 years (including excel). I bought the new MacBook (2015) which was my introduction to macOS. I’ve since bought a fully loaded 2017 iMac 5K. 

    After twenty years of exclusive windows usage, I have completely switched to macOS and iWorks. I don’t miss office even a tiny bit. 
  • Video: iPhone X vs OnePlus 6 - Benchmarks

    avon b7 said:
    Does it run iOS?
    Does it have Apple's security embedded and constantly updated?
    Does the company sell the data they collect from my phone?
    Does it automatically back up my files and configurations?
    Does it automatically share my photos with my other devices?
    Does it provide FaceTime so I can talk to my grandson?
    Can I take it the my Apple Store if I have a question or problem?
    Does it work with my Apple Watch?
    Does it track my health and fitness parameters?
    Does it....

    No?   Then what good is it?

    .....AirDrop has worked exactly twice for me since it was released. ....
    You must be doing something wrong. 

    I have used airdrop hundreds of times in the last couple of years. Between iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs , iPads and every combination in between. My own devices and friends/family. It just works. 

    Anything from a jpeg or browser link to multiple videos and photos in gigabytes. Very tempted to call BS but maybe you’re having an issue that is atypical??