This stupid obsession with thinness.  Is a few more millimeters to put a larger battery really going to matter?  What kind of reaction do they expect when they build garbage.  But at least they can say the spaceship is cool.  Over bloated monstrosity that will cost billions just to maintain.  Another poor design decision from Apple.  Apple, does the word Blackberry mean anything?   


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  • Survey finds 1/3 of people interested in Apple's HomePod, still more likely to buy Amazon ...

    I have waited this long for a smart speaker, I can wait a few more months.  I will be buying the homepod.  Also, up until the present moment, Siri has done everything I have ever asked it to do.  Thank you.  
  • First 'Planet of the Apps' episode drops tonight, free to watch

    Hotly anticipated?  That's a stretch.  
  • Tim Cook talks HomePod's philosophy, ARKit's potential market impact

    It surprises me that people think that $350.00 is expensive.  
  • Join AppleInsider for live coverage and analysis at Apple's WWDC keynote in San Jose

    zoetmb said:
    lkrupp said:
    Here’s the analysis part. Apple didn’t announce all the stuff the rumor mill touted as a sure thing, therefore WWDC17 was a disappointing failure and Apple is doomed. Happens every year now. That’s why I’ll be watching the keynote on my ATV4 only.
    For this year, I don't think what the rumor mill touted is an issue, because I haven't heard many specifics.   I think what will matter to analysts is whether Apple shows anything substantially new at all, which they probably won't.   AFAIK, there's no major MacOS or iOS update coming and no new product lines, if they show any products at all.

    The big question is whether they'll show an Echo equivalent.   If they do and it looks better than Amazon's, the analysts might be happy.   If it's more expensive (as it probably will be) with lesser functionality or if they don't show anything at all, they'll be lots of negativity and not just by analysts.    And an incremental iPhone 8 isn't going to wow anyone either.    I think it's very fair to say, even if one is an Apple fan, that Apple innovation has become quite sluggish.   I still have to wonder what all those employees actually do every day when we primarily see only incremental updates on a relatively small line of products.  

    What would thrill the attendees is if they showed a specific design for the new MacPro, but that's probably still way premature.  

    I have a feeling this is going to be a fairly boring WWDC.

    If only one big thing comes out of this WWDC, I'd like it to be a vastly improved Siri (and I don't even care if it's in a standalone tube/box).
    I can't beleive all the Siri bashing.  A very high percentage of the time It does everything I want.  If not, I just rephrase the inquire and get the result. For a technology still in its infancy it is rather remarkable.  
  • Veteran designer Christopher Stringer leaves Apple after 21 years

    sog35 said:
    Good News IMO.

    The current design team has been stale and the designs lack luster.

    Look at the iPhone7. Lackluster. Massive bezels. Ugh.

    The Watch is a decent design. But nothing that says elite and classy. IMO the non-symetrical design of the digital crown is ugly. Should be 4 or 2 symetrical buttons instead.

    The Airpods are not what you would call beautiful design. iPad has been unchanged for 3 years. AppleTV is ugh, and the remote is HORRIBLE. Apple Pencil is nice but charging it in the iPad lightning jack? Or charging the Magic Mouse on its back?

    Seriously WTF.  Design the last 3 years has been terrible to say the least.

    IMO, the only nice design was the Macbook and Macbook Pro.  

    Regardless its pretty obvious Apple needs to new blood in the design team that is hungry and willing to take risks.
    Maybe Apple should hire you.