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  • Editorial: How AirPods and Shortcuts shifted Apple's Siri story and blunted Amazon's Alexa...

    So I'm stuck using Siri Short Cuts to create cue's to play sound files I've had to prep up so I can play them on call for my 2 year old niece!

    "Hey Siri what does a Dog say" >  play Bark
    "Hey Siri what does a Cat say" > play Purr
    "Hey Siri what does a Cow say" > play Moo
    "Hey Siri what does a Horse say" > play Whine

    Or ...

    "Hey Siri can you sing the song Farmer in the Dell" > Singing 'Farmer in the Dell'

    This is simple stuff! That Alexa can do, Why do I have to make such an effort to build it to work with Siri?

    Thinking Human is what Apple has failed to address with Siri.

    Apple needs to build a home base Siri server so not everything is spilled out to the internet, basically, a 
    cache server. Until they educate Siri on being Human it will never get to the level we are demanding as users.
  • Apple Music option in Google Home app for iOS stirs rumors of coming support [u]

    I just hope this isn't doom for Apple giving us more HomePod like devices.

    I really don't want either Amazon or Google monitoring everything I say or read.
  • Apple should keep Lightning for now, but USB-A has to die

    rsantana said:
    Lighting cables has been Johnny Ive’s Achiles heel, an inexplicable engineering and design disgrace.
    For decades, Apple cables (AppleTalk and ADB) represented the quality and sturdiness of Apple hardware. Nobody ever even think of one of those failing or breaking. Nowdays, you have to annualy (with luck) include in your family budget at least $150 to replace Apple lighting cables and laptop power bricks because cable failures. I love Apple computers...but man...their cables stinks..!
    Hyperbole and nonsense. $150/year?  How big and abusive is your family?  I would appreciate more durable cables, but a) what does that have to do with the connector and b) I expect that Ive has virtually no input into the design of any cables. 
    The only thing I've seen is worn connectors from grit and other junk getting into a Lightning connector which would also kill USB-C as well. Worn cable sheathing and damaged wires within the cables is also a common issue.

    Power bricks are their own problem! If Apple had offered a connector on the MagSafe power adapter (as they do now) then I could see a lot of the failures could have been avoided and fixed a lot easier. Many a time a bad cable or MagSafe connector can damage the Mac system's charging logic which is an expensive repair.
  • Apple should keep Lightning for now, but USB-A has to die

    The USB standards group let us down!

    The cables and the device both desperately need a marking system so you can figure out what cable should be used (just looking at the 1 meter cables or shorter) Then when it comes to longer cables the device needs to have a table so the effect of a longer cable is known.

    Even the TIA working group which sets standards for UTP network cabling was smart enough to see they couldn't drop the RJ45 connector, What they did do is create a new connector standard to run in parallel for higher data rates.

    The dependability of the connector is not as good as the Lightning! I'm not sure how the current connector can be fixed. This is one of many reasons the USB-A connector should be kept. While the idea of having one common connector is a lofty goal, in the real world its just not that practical! Slow speed devices don't need to waste the limited I/O of the system, in addition, these slow speed devices are the ones that are often constantly plugged in which wears the connector.

    The last issue here is the world is based on USB-A, and will be for a long, long time! Thinking we can change on a dime is just fantasy! We need native USB-A support in all computers! We all have too much invested in USB-A devices of some form or other.
  • Mac sales decline in Q3 as customers await new models [u]

    Apple needs to get back into serviceable systems! The current MacBook Pro's are just not serviceable! Can't replace the keyboard, battery or even the display without spending $500 on the parts alone!

    The new systems are just not useable with noisy & failing keyboards & failing displays. Missing key elements real PRO's need like USB-A ports, SDXC & Ethernet. Then the real bugaboo! Missing MagSafe!

    The new i9 system is DOA! As it just can't run beyond base clock because of lack of cooling. Thats independent of the firmware issue it had day one.

    Pro's want a system that work effectively, not a bling system to impress. Apple went down the Bling path with Form. They need to get back to the design that serves the real PRO market Function.

    Apple has the pieces to make this work! A variation of the older Unibody 15" & 17" models which are a bit larger than the ultra thin models Apple is selling now. Which offers the needed space for a better cooling system. Give it four USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. The back two (L&R) are dual function, being a MagSafe type of connector. as well A magnet plug is inserted so you have a flat connection for the breakaway MagSafe connector, yet it's a recessed USB-C port. Take the FaceID system in the Xs iPhone instead of the iSight camera and even offer a rear facing wide angle camera for group FaceTime meetings. Leverage the T2 secure enclave storage for the primary drive (128 or 256 GB) then offer two NVMe/PCIe x4 interfaces allowing 256, 515 GB, 1, 2 & 4 TB SSD drives in either discreet or RAID setup. Give it a narrow bezel 4K screen.

    The older silent! Blister keyboard and use the smaller Touch Pad so the system has a bit more room for the battery.

    Now Apple build it and I will buy it!