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  • The groundwork is set for Apple 'Pro' ARM Mac chips

    jwdawso said:
    elijahg said:
    ... but ARM's disadvantages way outweigh the advantages imo.
    IMO anyone who owns a MacBook Air is the market for the first generation ARM Mac - they will appreciate the performance and battery life advantage, and there might even be a price advantage. Hopefully Intel will get out of their stagnation and make it impossible for Apple to convert totally to ARM. Either way, there will be some exciting times ahead. 
    If they own a MacBook Air a clamshell iPad would be a better solution! The next gen of iPadOS will have all of the metaphors of a Mac laid out in iPadOS. There is no reason to cannibalize the Mac (at least yet) The better direction is to swing to AMD Ryzen and Threadripper for now, or work with AMD to create a hybrid A-Zen chip!

    I see Zen based CPU's as the transition and then the hybrid. If makes no sense to go ARM in the Pro market systems.
  • Plugable debuts new USB-C 2.5Gbps Ethernet Adapter

    cpsro said:
    fyi: in my experience, even between the fastest Macs connected via 10GbE, a single "scp" file transfer tops out at about 260 MB/s or 2.1 Gbps. To make more use of 10GbE bandwidth, multiple simultaneous streams must be run, and even then the max. throughput is about half of the theoretical bandwidth.
    In other words, this dongle is likely to provide perfectly adequate service and much better throughput than 1GbE at a very reasonable price and with little added heft. 10 GbE dongles are far more expensive, very heavy, and also consume a lot of power.

    The issue is the limitations of the drive and any heavy processing which is competing with the file transfer. And you still have the limits of the Thunderbolt3/USB-C services. Its still faster than WiFi ;-}
  • Apple leases entire 'Triangle Building' near Apple Park

    macxpress said:
    sflocal said:
    They should have doubled the amount of floors in their new spaceship campus.  It was already too small for them before it was even finished!

    Now matter how large they built it, it was always gonna be too small. You're not gonna fit 20,000 Apple employees in one building very easily. I think Apple knew they weren't gonna fit everyone in the same building. They even admitted they're still going to use the 1 Infinite Loop campus, even after Apple Park was finished and fully moved in. 
    While the economic weather is still bright for Apple, one also needs to think about retreating when things sour. Having a single gigantic building while making a statement it also make it hard to shrink! So Apple is doing the smarter direction of leasing space around it. So they have flexibility!

    There is still one piece of property right across the street at 10500 N Tantau Ave. I suspect Apple owns it, but hasn't built on it. This was the contractors work site during the build of Apple Park. It was fenced off for a good year and then they raised it and put up a sturdy tall fence hiding it. At least what I can see within Apple Maps & Google Earth.
  • Apple working on preventative healthcare technology, CEO Cook reveals

    How about body temp and ambient temp so heat stroke or fever are detected.
  • Review: Promise Pegasus R4i and J2i add massive storage to the new Mac Pro

    While HDD's are the goto for deep storage!

    I wish Promise would also offer the Pegasus J2i frame alone Vs load with drives. The J2i is one I would like to use SSD's Vs HDD's.