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  • Apple wants to expand CarPlay to control more features of your car

    I like my CarPlay, but it can be clumsy going back and forth between it and manufacturers UI for climate control and other auto functions. Worst problem for me is CPs lousy Sirius XM app—practically useless. I have to leave CP navigation and go back to Chevy UI to change channels. A pain. 
    The SiriusXM app isn’t built into CarPlay. Since you have the app on your phone, it exposes itself to CarPlay. SiriusXM needs to redesign the app for CarPlay to make it much more intuitive. 
  • Apple wants to expand CarPlay to control more features of your car

    I have a 2010 Ford Edge SEL, that I replaced the radio with a Pioneer. There is an integration module called iDatalink, that with specific radios will connect to the car’s OBD2 connector and allow for features like live Gauges. It also shows the Car’s Tire Pressure Sensors, door alerts, battery voltage, and Check Engine Alerts. 

    I actually had a check engine light yesterday. It gave me the code, I was able to lookup the code to find out what it was, and then Reset it to clear the code.  Depending on what features the car has, it can also retain stuff like door chimes and Onstar for GMs,  SiriusXM, the factory USB, and even the sync system in Fords. 

    I think building these features or atleast allowing CarPlay to access these features would actually benefit both the Manufacturer and the Consumer in that, it gives a much more seemless expierence, but would also promote safety by allowing Siri to control those features of the car. 
  • Apple promotes Apple Music, Apple Arcade in iOS Settings app

    I don’t see a problem with this, it’s their platform and their services. Android is just as bad with preloading all of Google’s services on an Android phone.  How about Amazon basically forcing their services down a user’s throat. 
  • App maker seeks $200B from Apple in App Store class action lawsuit

    Love it. Apple needs to give up its control freakery. 

    I don't need Apple to play nanny, or mom. Thanks.
    Then go buy an Android … 
  • Australia wants to reclassify & strictly regulate Apple Pay

    Apple Pay isn’t a payment system, a Card terminal, Point of Sale (PoS) Register, Square Terminals, Those are payment systems. They allow people to pay for good. 

    Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and even PayPal are systems to replace Physical Cards. They allow you to process a payment both physically and digitally using your banking credentials. 

    Apple though is the only one that takes the processing of a payment a step further by tokenizing the user’s banking info. This helps to privatize the user’s info, so in the event of a system breach, like what happened to Home Depot and Target a few years ago, the user’s info would not have been exposed.