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  • Apple developers can't escape the 30% toll, because the lawyers took it

    I’d love to see what developers would do, if app stores never came to be. 

    How much money, and resources they would need to dump into their project, for it to be sold in a select few retail stores that charge for shelf space. Also, can’t forget that the retailer also needs to make money on it.  Someone remind me, how many retailers gave the tools and resources needed to developers to produce their projects. Ohh that’s right none. 

    Apple gave developers everything, the platform, tools, resources and even workshops. They also host the app in their store, push out updates and more. 

    Unfortunately developers now are money hungry fools, and don’t understand what it was like. That’s why when the App store first started, developers were ecstatic. But those days are gone, greed is the new common. 
  • Leviton's second-generation Decora Dimmer review: Wi-Fi connected HomeKit switches

    Leviton lost my business … 

    I had 15 of their Gen 1 devices mainly switches and dimmers. The switches would go “No Response” so often, that I would have to reset them at least twice a week. 

    Most people would say, it’s your network, and I’d probably agree with you if I was an average user, but my network is far from Average. Fios Gigabit, Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro, Ubiquiti 24 port POE switch, and at the time, 2 Ubiquiti NanoHD APs. 

    I had troubleshot multiple times with Leviton’s customer service, and would email them every time the devices would stop working. I sent screenshots and the steps to resolve, and by week 2 they stopped responding to my emails and when I would call, they would place me on hold, and eventually the call
    would “drop”. 

    I have since pulled all of their switches leaving only the 2 sets of 3 way dimmers and remotes. I replaced all of the switches with TP-Link Kasa devices and integrated them into HomeKit with HomeBridge. They have been rock solid since, and the only “No Responses” are from, you guessed it, the Levitons. 

    So as I mentioned at the beginning, they lost my business for smart devices. 
  • T-Mobile to retire Sprint's LTE network in June 2022

    cpsro said:
    Not sure how “bridge the Digital Divide” is accomplished by cutting off users who can’t afford to update their gear.
    What gear would they need to update? All phones made in the last decade work across all providers and are 4G LTE. So they get to keep their devices and take advantage of the newer networks. If that’s not enough, T-Mobile has plenty of free phones that people can take advantage of. For example if you walk into a T-Mobile store and hand them ANY phone in working condition, They will literally give you a 5G phone.
  • NFL looks for new Sunday Ticket deal, Apple may be in early talks

    Just like the MLB has their streaming service, the NFL should just make it’s own. That way they don’t have to partner with anyone, they can lower the cost of the package to reach more people, and since there is no middleman provider, they can keep their profits within the same margin. 

    The achilles heal of MLB, are the nonsensical blackouts. If I pay for a service for the season, I want to be able to see EVERY GAME. With less people subscribing to a Cable provider, watching local teams has become more difficult. In my case in NY both Yankee and Mets games are always blacked out, so I can’t watch them even though I am subscribed to the MLB package. 

    If NFL made their own service and made it, where they can watch any game they wanted, people would be all over it.
  • Proposed antitrust bills would ban Apple from preinstalling its own iOS apps

    Would this stop Companies like Dell, HP, or Toshiba, from preloading their own bloatware? Will This stop Amazon, from loading their own apps on their tablets, what about the plethora of Android phones and tablets?

    Apple’s apps can easily be deleted and new apps different apps installed. This bill is absolute nonsense.