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  • iPhone 14 demand will be much higher than iPhone 13 in China, Kuo says

    saarek said:
    I was hoping to get another year out of my XS Max, but the battery isn’t that great anymore and now the screen has a hardware fault with a bright green line running down the side.

    I guess that means I’ll be getting the iPhone 14, hopefully the rumours of a price gouging increase won’t materialise.

    Such a shame the notch is still with us 5 years later, I really had hoped they’d have found a way to get rid of that by now.
    The notch is at least symmetrical compared to some “pill and hole” design.   
  • Apple sold five of the top ten smartphones in April 2022

    Beats said:
    I wonder why iPhone SE isn’t #5? Why isn’t “mini” on the list?

    The mini is gigantic. If Apple made the “mini” the size of the SE screen that would be nice. Not sure why it has to be so freaking huge. 
    I disagree,  the mini is not gigantic.  It’s actually a great size.   As far as I know there was little or no marketing of the mini phone.   All the reports say sales were low.  But that does not mean it is bad phone.   I did not have the iPhone X. But thinking back,  it’s 5.8 inch screen size may have been the ideal size for a phone.  The mini is just a bit smaller and that smaller size allows for easy one hand use.   But many consumers may not think of such things as ease of holding it.  
  • Apple getting 'lion's share' of switchers with iPhone 13 still selling well

    The mini with only 2% ?  LOL..  I’m part of that 2% and very happy.   I was just out to dinner tonight with coworkers.  Both of them had gigantic android phones that looked more like tablets than phones.    
  • Apple will continue selling the M1 Macbook Air alongside the M2 model

    Why would people buy the M1-Air with so little price difference?
    Maybe they don’t want the notch 
  • Mac mini 'tower,' M2 Mac mini listed by B&H before WWDC [u]

    Love the play on words with the line “one day before the keynote airs”…. New airs coming?  Well,  B&H is pretty well run,  not sure why they jumped ahead here but something must be coming.  Their store in Manhattan is really amazing in person.