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  • Apple initiates Smart Battery Case replacement program for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR

    How do they determine when the date of manufacture is? I have the XS case and as far as I know its is not showing any signs of this issue but on another Apple site, they recommend getting it replaced anyway to prevent a possible problem in the future. For the price we paid for it, I am thinking of going that route as I sure as hell do not want to run into any surprise problems stemming from this. 
  • Apple's AirPods versus AirPods Pro - which is the best for your money?

    I had the Airpods 2, and I was one of those that had the issue with them just not fitting right just sitting in my ear. This also affected the sound quality. What I did find, that helped improve the quality, was a 9.99 item off Amazon, that slipped over the Airpods and included the tip that fit into my ear canal. For me, that was a night and day difference, and a huge improvement. Then Powerbeats were released, so I sold my Airpod 2's , and go those. The sound was amazing, and I fell in love with the bass they put out. Soon after though, I starting having some minor issues. The case was too big to fit into my pocket (minor) and the ear hooks only allowed me an hour or so of wearing them, before they became uncomfortable. Another issue I had was with the Hey Siri command. The Airpod 2's, picked it up right away, and even at a softer level. The Powerbeats required me to say the command multiple times to register, which also prompted me to toss in a few selective curse words in the phrase as well. So now I have the Pros, and I LOVE them. They are also my first experience with ANC, and when I first put them in my ear and paired them, I didnt know wtf was going on. I was outside, and a semi truck was idling a few doors down from me (75-80 feet away maybe). I slid them in. paired them, and poof it became silent. At first I thought they guy shut off his truck, so I was shocked when I removed them and nope, it was still running. Put them back in again, and back to blissful silence. So smaller form factor, wireless charging, ANC, and the transparent feature seems to "enhance" my normal hearing, not to mention not needing a special attachment from Amazon, to achieve sound comparable to, and in some cases better, then the PowerBeats. For me, these are a purchase that I am VERY happy with.
  • Disney's Netflix rival to launch in 2019 as Disney+

    Once this arrives, I am pretty sure I am saying good bye to Netflix..I do not watch much on it anyway aside from a few shows, and those keep going away so. Just wish they had an idea of the price. With all the ips they own, I hope its not to bad. 
  • Google's Pixel Android strategy is destroying HTC the same way Moto X gutted Motorola

    This actually saddens me. I really have a disliking of Samsung, and I had quite a few HTC phones in the past. I had the first ever 4G phone with Sprint and WiMax, The Evo 4G, but man that was a mess and a half. Sprint charged everyone and extra 10.00 for it, even if you did not have access to WiMax. I also had the Thunderbolt, and I actually liked it, but at the time I was still rather new with Android. Also in the list was the M7, M8, Touch Pro, and the TyTn, to go that far back 

    HTC was always my go to phone for quality, and they were not afraid to push the envelope, so to speak. But after the M8, I went with Nexus devices, then back to the iPhone. I would love nothing more then to see them mop the floor with Samsung, but that is never going to happen :(