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  • Zuckerberg says iMessage biggest competitor to Facebook's messaging services, takes dig at...

    Rayz2016 said:
    And a very good question. 


    The trick to all of this is using your various platforms to tie disparate bits of information together to build a profile of the user you're targeting. Without accessing your messages, WhatsApp has a number of ways to get hold of valuable information that, in some cases, you have to give them to use the platform.

    First thing is your phone number, which they they share with the Facebook platform so they can can use it to look you up on Facebook, and now they have another app that is with you all the time which you're happy to tell where you're going.  We now also know that Facebook uses its own 2FA security system to target users for advertising, which is beyond criminal in my opinion. If you use WhatsApp while you're out and about, then the app knows where you're going (if you have allowed it access to your location data, which many people do, strangely enough), which it can also share with Facebook's advertising platform and whatever else it sells to third parties.  WhatsApp knows which restaurants you like to eat at, which movies you went to see. If you post photos to WhatsApp then they can use information stored with the picture to get a view on what sort of holidays you might like to take, and target you in that way.

    Don't think of the messages as the stuff they're after. What they want you to do is give their apps deeper and deeper access to your personal data. The messaging aspect is just what they use to lure you in. 

    Exactly. People would be surprised about the amount of Information one can get out of metadata.

    Privacy is becoming more and more an Illusion.

  • Google is downplaying Android to focus its future on Chrome OS

    You've read a lot of DEDs articles and just signed up today?

    Curious, what was your previous troll account that got banned such that you had to create a new one just to tell us this?
    To be honest I've been reading articles on this site and spent some time in the forums for at least 7 years now. But registered for the fisrt time a couple of months ago. So that's not unusual.
  • Kanye West pitches Apple-designed Air Force One 'iPlane' replacement in oval office

    grifmx said:
    Why is he in the White House? honestly? And giving opinion on what the President should fly? embarrassingly laughable! Apple ignore him and release some NEW MACS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why are BOTH in the White House?
  • Google's Pixel 3 is a third strike for hapless HTC and LG

    claire1 said:
    Pixel is lost and pointless to even iKnockoff fans.

    The point is to sh*t on this company even more for being such an immoral scum on Earth.

    It makes us happy.
    I sometimes wonder about the animosity from certain members. Every investor I personnally know who has apple shares also has some Google shares. Even if you tought Google was competing with Apple, the last 8 years clearly showed that Google isn't a threat to apple. It's actually the other way around.
  • Apple Store sitemap leak confirms 'iPhone XS,' 'iPhone XS Max,' & 'iPhone Xr' names for 20...

    rockaw said:
    Xs Max. But you'll be scolded if you don't pronounce it "ten ess max". Thanks for that, Apple.
    People will just end up calling it the iPhone Max. Guaranteed.

    R, S and Max!