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  • Evidence mounting that Apple is preparing alternative to Google search

    ITGUYINSD said:
    If Apple Search is anything like Apple Maps or Siri, NO THANKS!  If someone can give me an alternative to Google Search that is AS GOOD, then I might switch, but I know, in fact, there isn't one.  Someone above said DuckDuckGo isn't as good, and ever try Bing?  It's a joke.   

    Be careful what you wish for. is an very good alternative for Google maps & Apple Maps. DDG is good but not as good as Google I do agree. Apple should improve Apple Maps and search that is key to hook me in. 
  • Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 13.6.1, macOS 10.15.6 with bug fixes

    Running Catalina day by day 8 hours non stop at school without any problems on my old & trusting 2015 MacBook Air does say something. Catalina is my dearest girlfriend so far after having to say goodbye to my lovely cat, Snow Leopard on my white MacBook. Hope Mr. Big Sur will be as trusting as my previous dearest Apple companion. 
  • Apple reportedly evaluating Apple Silicon-powered macOS on iPhone

    Rayz2016 said:
    muaddib said:
    The problem I see is one of RAM.  iPhones have a relatively small amount of ram because of energy use, and Macs the more ram the better.
    I don't see how this is limitation is overcome.
    By putting the memory in the terminal and using the terminal's power supply to run the phone while it's in docked mode. The phone supplies the processor, the OS and the apps. Everything is linked through a smart connector on the edge of the phone. Once connected, the whole setup runs as one integrated unit.

    Correct statement. The iPhone can also use the extra CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD in the expandable terminal through the auxiliary connector like current external GPU cases but more flexible with build in display (iMac but more like an advanced dock with muscles). 
  • First Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kit benchmarks show Rosetta performance impact

     Being a developer ARM speed is not important for now. It’s all about testing your builds & that’s more than sufficient for now. This is not a consumer ARM to compare with the current lineup.
  • Apple uses WWDC to launch assaults on Google strongholds

    The only reason I use Chrome is this wonderful Microsoft Teams function called:‘meeting options’. Doesn’t work on Safari so Apple please fix this so I can delete Chrome and use Safari instead. And yes I am using DDG as well because of the great search results I get without the Ads clutter. For translation I use DeepL far better on the Mac than anything else.