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  • Otterbox launches Premium Pro line of charging accessories

    It would be nice if there was an emphasis placed on energy efficiency and not just power output. The author should be asking these vendors to supply efficiency ratings with their products otherwise articles won’t be published about their new devices.
  • Apple will start collecting 'Netflix tax' in September

    The government loves hiding taxes in small bills that add up over time. You are foolish to explain away the overreaching taxation by government as necessary to fix pot holes and put out fires. There is massive waste in government spending.
  • Apple pays record $100,500 to student who found Mac webcam hack

    This discovery is certainly worth more than $100k. I have no clue how Apple values a discovered hack but given the potential exploits of this hack I’d say it is worth closer to $1 million than $100k.
  • Apple worker walkout organizers issue demands, size of strike unclear

    Apple is a very hypocritical company. They virtue signal about the environment, recycling, LGBTQ equality, diversity, etc. Yet they tend to treat their lower level employees in fairly mediocre ways. For instance Apple should strive to have nothing but full-time workers in their retail stores with a relatively small percentage of part-time workers. This would offer the staff more opportunities for career growth and advancement. It’s certainly easier to manage a smaller number of full-time staff. Apple’s wealth is beyond comprehension. They could set an example of giving part-time staff better benefits. And they should give much stronger consideration to diversifying their supply chain and reduce their reliance on China for manufacturing. China is home to an extremely repressive government and China’s behavior should not be rewarded. And a final thought- Merry Christmas!
  • Apple made secret 5-year $275B deal with Chinese government

    Meanwhile outspoken tennis star Peng Shuai is still imprisoned. Slave run factories crank out goods. Reeducation camps are filled up with dissidents. China threatens Taiwan with routine incursions into Taiwanese air space. Reefs are destroyed in the South China Sea to build military bases. The Uyghur Muslims are imprisoned in camps. Hypersonic weapons to attack the US are developed. Espionage in the US stealing and replicating advanced technology continues. Internet filtering and content control, digital spying on citizens and foreign companies is a daily norm. Apple’s investments in China is all about money. They are so proud of their environmentalism because it doesn’t cost them that much money to be green. It’s easy to be green and it doesn’t require any political capital to be green. But it takes balls to take a stand against political and governing malfeasance. Tim Cook is a hypocrite. Embracing the easy political causes of environmentalism, LBGTQ support, education and others. But when it comes to standing up against a totalitarian regime he shows no strength. Look at NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom for the example of a man willing to sacrifice his own financial well being to protest The Chinese government and their way of crushing the freedoms of their people.