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  • Mac shipments grow slightly, but Apple's PC market share shrinks [u]

    nubus said:
    nubus said:
    How can ACSI report that Samsung is ahead of Apple in customer satisfaction for desktops in the US?
    I get that Samsung is ahead of Apple in dishwashers, but how can Samsung be ahead in a category they don't have any products in?
    Easy.  According to ACSI, customers who purchased Samsung desktops were overall more satisfied with their purchase than customers who purchased Apple desktops.  Quick example: Apple customers rated their desktop purchase satisfaction level at a 97 on average.  Samsung customers rated their desktop purchase satisfaction l

    Let me repeat: The ACSI survey shows that customers prefer something that doesn't exist (Samsung doesn't sell desktops in the US) to Apple. The Samsung marketing team took that one a bit too far.
    Samsung sold AiO desktops in the US.  You can still get them from Amazon and other online retailers.

     I guess the 100 people who bought them really loved their Windows machine!

    Just looked them up and wow their Amazon reviews are horrid!!
  • PC component manufacturer clones new Mac Pro case

    iKnockoff users will buy these and claim "but but it looks nothing like a Mac!!!!!!"

    Nothing new here.

    justmark said:
    Reminds of all those Bondi Blue iMac knockoffs back in the day...

    Reminds me of knockoff Macbooks from Samsung, Knockoff AirPods from Huawei, knockoff iPhones from everyone, knockoff iPads from everyone, knockoff Apple Watches....

    iKnockoff users will buy these and claim "but but Apple didn't invent the [insert goalpost here]!!"

    History repeating. First they mock you, then they copy you.
  • Apple releases Apple TV+ 'Truth Be Told' trailer on YouTube

    wigby said:
    Looks very good and fills a niche.

    Is there enough violence and sex to shut up the people claiming Apple's content is too mild and that Apple is trying to be Disney?
    The violence and sex is simply an excuse for those that are looking to criticize Apple for any reason. They can claim a million different reasons why this show or Apple TV + will fail but the only one that matters is the quality of the storytelling.

    I figured when violence and sex appeared they'd move the goal posts to the next irrelevant complaint.

    How about the fact every production will be filmed in 4K HDR? No streaming service on Earth has this.
  • Compared: Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+

    The storage size wasn't mentioned at all? Is this not an important metric?

    For $1099 the iPhone gives you 64GB while the Note gives you 256GB, big difference when you can simultaneously shoot with 4K on multiple cameras.

    As for the screen, until the iPhone 11 came about, the Note was recognized as having the A+ screen.
    Then the Galaxy S11 will come out, and it will considered the best.

    Then the Note 11 and then the iPhone 12 will be top until the next Galaxy flagship or until the iPhone comes along with its new micro led screen perhaps, who knows? It's swings and roundabouts.

    To say any of the screens or cameras on any of these phones is significantly better than the other is rubbish really, they both have strengths and weaknesses.

    Personally, I'd want more memory on an iPhone, 4GB in 2019 flagship costing up to $1499 is just being cheap. Sure, iOS does better with less ram but it also seems to struggle keeping certain apps open in the background.

    Look what happened when apple threw a big battery in their new phones, instant battery god phone, why not double the memory, it wouldn't cost much and you'd make a lot of people happier, even 6GB would have made a difference.

    Anyway, both phones are great, choose the one you want.

    Galaxy displays suck compared to iPhone because they can't utilize Apple's display tech like True Tone.
  • Apple hires former AstraZeneca CIO David Smoley

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    Working in the pharmaceutical industry he knows how to generate income.
    Apple HealthCare coming?