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  • Man jailed for not unlocking iPhone adds fuel to device search warrant debate

    sflocal said:
    tokyojimu said:
    And all for something that’s perfectly legal in many states. 
    Well... it didn't help his persona for carrying a loaded pistol in his car.  Seriously.  Sure, I get that THC/Pot is legal in many states now, but considering this guy's track record for getting himself in trouble with the law he should have learned something by now.

    His track record is irrelevant.

    bbh said:
     I see no dilemma here. If we are to have that freedom guaranteed in our Constitution, the Government is simply going to have to find a way to do their business without violating Constitutional Rights. Which is more important to you ?  Personal liberty or giving in to the road to a Police State ? Better ahundred guilty men go free than one innocent man be unconstitutionally stripped of his rights. This is still a "free" country, isn't it?

    I've lived in a police state and we had no rights. Everything was against the law if the police wanted it to be.
  • Samsung exec says Galaxy Fold finally 'ready to hit the market'

    So Apple gets a media storm, memes, countless hate videos for less than 1% bent iPhones while Samsung gets away with 100% defected bent phones that break?
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  • Huawei-Google smart speaker project shut down by US restrictions


    Wow, what could go wrong?

    Scary sh**.
  • Samsung exec says Galaxy Fold finally 'ready to hit the market'

    avon b7 said:
    avon b7 said:

    So Apple gets a media storm, memes, countless hate videos for less than 1% bent iPhones while Samsung gets away with 100% defected bent phones that break?

    No. In a word.

    Samsung didn't ship any and 100% didn't break. Also, if they are near ready to launch it is probably that the fixes were minor. Probably important but minor.

    We'll now have to wait for the new official date.

    Still a PR disaster but the phone itself might not be as much of a hardware failure as some thought. When it reaches users, we'll know soon enough.
    It's a disaster in every way. But I love that you think it's somehow a good thing that they can't make a decent shipping product. I don't know why Samsung would have a Fanboy - but it's nice to meet you.
    Considering you've never even used one, your claim is a bold one.

    I prefer to let the device stand or fall on its own merits.

    Maybe I'm old fashioned.

    It already fell on its own merits.

    He doesn't need to use one to know that and you haven't used one to deny it. I don't have to use a grenade or Note 7 to know that both explode.
  • Fitbit's new financial worries are just its latest in a long line

    Just read up on this yesterday. While tech sites are busy typing up the next "Apple is doomed" bait they're ignoring a massive turd in the punchbowl.

    Apple Watch sales and user base is WAY up. 75% of Q3 Watch buyers are new.
    Fitbit. Reported record losses and their latest attempt to knock off Apple Watch has sold less than expected. Fitbit stock plunged to record lows and a drop of 15% while Apple reported GREAT news.
    "In its effort to stay competitive, Fitbit has been slashing prices, which resulted in a shrinking of its gross margin, or the profit left after subtracting costs of goods sold, to 34.5% from 39.8%."

    This has caused Fitbit to lose 82% of it's IPO since 2015. Fitbit is now valued under 1B dollars.

    Now, I don't give a F about stock prices but what this shows us is that Fitbit, the company that was supposed to be the knockoff Apple Watch for Android is now a slowly dying company. Yet they are still outselling the next closest competitor. This means android Wear (or whatever flavor of the week name they have) is doing a LOT WORSE.

    Fitbits strategy going forward is services. The problem here is that they're competing with a company that has been planting their seeds into services for over a decade and are about to storm the industry with more refined, secure, quality services which have been in the works for years.


  • Even Xiaomi staff can't distinguish its clone of Apple's Memoji


    Reminds me when Samsung lawyers couldn't tell the difference between a real iPad and their knockoffs.
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  • Tesla requests iCloud data for engineer who allegedly stole Autopilot secrets

    China stealing US. tech?

    SHOCKED! /s
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  • Google's Pixel 4 phone implementing system similar to Apple's Face ID

    sflocal said:
    Somewhere in the deep abscesses of Google's meeting rooms are people discussing how they are going to monetize the countless faces provided by this iKnockoff feature.

    If they tell you/us that facial features will remain private, they are flat-out lying to your face.

    I'm hoping the government checks in from time-to-time to make sure Google doesn't walk over the line on this one.  I think it's scary.
    Project Veritas.

    gutengel said:
    I don't know how useful the jedi gesture would work in real world practice, but for sure is the first time I see a feature and I say "that's cool, I definitely want to try it!". If Google nails these gestures (which is highly unlikely) it will push the industry to do something different.

    Apple doesn't give a sh** about "oh that's cool", which is why these knockoffs fail when they TRY to innovate. Without Apple they're lost.

    Remember wave-to-answer which Samsung thought was the future and iKnockoff Knights claimed was so "innovative" and "futuristic"?
    Yeah, no one remembers. As usual, Androids failures get swept under the rug.
  • Huawei-Google smart speaker project shut down by US restrictions

    avon b7 said:

    Wow, what could go wrong?

    Scary sh**.
    Nothing scary about it. Especially as it was a standard partnership project. Huawei uses Google Assistant, Alexa and YoYo in various products. This would have been (and probably still will be) a future product.

    In less than two weeks Honor will fully unveil a far more ambitious project. A 'TV/Smartscreen' with a camera onboard (pop-up for those who don't want one) that will include a brand new AI chipset and possibly not run Android. It will also have all the directional mics and much of the technology of the Smartspeaker, too. We might also see two new SoCs at the end of August from Huawei.

    The risk of Huawei pulling away from U.S suppliers has seemingly become reality with many U.S suppliers likely to see revenue drops to the tune of billions. 

    Of course, if you feel scared it's likely based on heresay. I think the Snowden leaks should have made you feel far more scared, independently of the companies you buy from.

    I like how you completely ignore the Orwellian nightmare and praise these knockoffs as if they were innovative.

    You're like the guys who bashed Apple iPhone and thought touchscreen gestures would never work until a knockoff competitor came along.
  • Apple's new tvOS 13 for Apple TV is now available

    As a reminder, comments like "I don't see it yet" aren't helpful.

    We don't publish until at least one staffer sees it on a device. As you're all aware, the rollout takes some time, and is CDN and caching-dependent.

    Does anyone know what the latest roll out times are? One time my Apple TV didn't auto update for a week!

    JinTech said:
    It's interesting that an OS for your TV gets multi-user support before an iPad OS  :D

    iPad is still a more personal device whereas most Apple TVs are in a living room.

    zroger73 said:
    I REALLY hope the "preview" feature can be turned off unlike Netflix.
    Me too, would def be a reason to see if I can downgrade to previous ios levels

    Why? It's unobtrusive and the sound is muted until you swipe up to watch full screen.