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  • Apple's iPhone still holds commanding lead in smartphone sales in Japan


    Apple needs to start catering features to specific countries.

    A gaming push would skyrocket iPhone marketshare. Funny how Sony is #3 as I think a partnership with Sony PlayStation would help Apple. For example releasing the PS1/PS2 catalog on iOS would be great or a subscription service on iOS/tvOS. Of course a Nintendo buyout would be amazing for everyone.

    Handheld gaming is huge in Japan. If Apple gave 2 shi** about gaming, more people in Japan would pay the extra $$ for the added "gaming handheld".

    Apple could also integrate LINE(A popular Japanese text app) into iMessage or acquire the company.

    From Wikipedia:

    Line began in summer 2011 as a communication system for NHN Japan employees. It then saw explosive growth when released to the public in June of that year. By 18 January 2013, Line had been downloaded 100 million times worldwide.[24] The number expanded to 140 million by early July 2013 and to 200 million by July 21.[25] As of June 2016, Japan claimed 68 million users while Thailand had 33 million.[26] As of February 2014, Indonesia had 20 million users, Taiwan 17 million, while India and Spain had 16 million each.[27] NHN company representatives announced plans to reach 300 million by further expansion in East Asia, Spain, and Chile.[28] In April 2014, Naver announced that Line had reached 400 million worldwide users,[29] and by 2017 this had grown to 700 million.[30]

  • The Galaxy Fold is Samsung's $1980 7.3-inch folding smartphone

    So where will the Apple haters be when they said Apple was too expensive?

    Will they be hypocrites AGAIN?!

    Meanwhile Apple engineers everything from the hardware to software. Samsung steals and uses others software and sells at Apple prices.

  • Bleak smartphone industry could lead to double-digit iPhone decline in 2019

    mac2net said:
    no doubt about it - little timmie cookie has been a one trick pony and the circus is over - say bye bye timmie
    Nothing in an analysis about the future is factual.

    Tim Cook has made Apple 5x larger than when Steve was alive.

    If you take out the iPhone "trick" from Apples revenue, they're still one of the biggest companies in tech history.

  • What we know about Samsung's upcoming iPhone rival, the Galaxy S10

    Can't wait for Apple to spend billions on ads making fun of those ugly holes!!

    Oh wait, Apple doesn't care about iWannabes.
  • Editorial: Apple is making us wait for a new iMac for no good reason

    How do we know for no reason?

    What if they're engineering a bezel-less version or something we haven't thought of yet?

    FaceID please!

  • Apple's Chinese price cuts provided only temporary sales improvement

    elijahg said:
    genovelle said:
    ireland said:
    The price lowering is hardly mentionable. It’s slight.
    20% in not slight

    £200 off a £1000 phone is still £800. That's still very expensive in a first world country, let alone a developing economy, when there are phones with 80% of the features for 40% of the price. My flagship 6s was £649 on release, now the flagship is 35% more expensive, when the average price of Android phones from most manufacturers has been falling - and I gained a lot more features upgrading from my 5s to 6s than I would from 6s to Xs. iPhones are too expensive.
    ksec said:
    It is nice that one day AI say all those iPhone XS not selling in China are bull shit, then next day decide to report about the biggest discovery was that XS is dropping YoY in shipment. Then decided price drop will fix everything and had 80+% increase in sales, and now it isn't doing so well again.  May be another day DED will have yet another article " This has all happened before "....
    It's literally only DED in the AI staff that claims sales aren't falling, but there are of course the apologist commenters here with their heads in the sand who worship DED and think Apple's current strategy (and pricing) is perfect. Apple's initial Xs pricing killed a lot of the hype and impulse buys, and the price drops are too little too late now that hype has evaporated.

    DED reports FACTS. Don't like it? Go to the Verge.

    iPhone XS was priced the same as iPhone X, a very very very successful iPhone.

    His articles are mostly op/eds.  His opinion is clearly present and the bias is also easy to spot.

    The facts are still there. A breath of fresh air from all the doom articles circling the internet as fact. There's a reason DED articles bring the most 1-post idiots.

    Back on topic:

    Apple should cater to countries. With the knockoffs copying all of Apple's features, Apple needs to partner with Chinese companies or like people have suggested, offer country specific items in Apple Stores.

  • HomePod sales up in fourth quarter, Amazon and Google extending lead

    k2kw said:

    Not bad considering the competition gives them away for free or 20 bucks.

    The sad part is that Apple is being compared to them when Apple never intended to compete with them.

    What Apple could do is release a gen 2, drop the price of gen 1 $100 and then surprise us with a portable version. There's already crappy portable speakers copying the HomePod design.

    If gen 2 has an auxiliary audio port and USB connection then it could be much more compelling as a speaker.

    Aux is looking back, Apple needs to look forward. Another poster mentions them being expensive to litter around the house and that's a good point. Which is why a HomePod mini would make sense.

    Apple needs to go all in with Home.

  • Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit & Galaxy Buds are Samsung's new wearables

    Pictured above are AirPods connecting to an iPad.
  • Editorial: Apple is making us wait for a new iMac for no good reason

    The more I come to this site the more articles I see that are b*tch, b*tch, b*tch about anything or articles filled with half-truths purposely skewed to favor another company and/or to make people think Apple users are missing out on something Android users enjoying. 


    Epic doesn’t intend to sell to anyone, but after Jim Cramer suggests Apple buy the company, an article is written using a selected part of the Epic CEO’s words to make it look like Apple was spurned by a buyout offer. 

    5G support of a modem that won’t be released until late 2019, has no infrastructure support from telephone carriers, resembles previous nightmarish communications upgrades is written to portray Apple as a laggard while others will provide experiences to be envious of. 

    New hardware rumored by a “reliable” analyst gets reported then shortly afterwards a hit piece on current hardware is written/published. 

    People were complaining in the forums about new iMacs all week. So this is a response that generates clicks.
  • Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit & Galaxy Buds are Samsung's new wearables

    clarker99 said:
    Are they doing fit bit ripoffs now?

    The AirPod ripoffs were always going to happen. 

    But...But But Apple isn't innovating!!!