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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Hey @Verxion at WT forum:
    From JULY OF LAST YEAR, in response to that post, WayTools said: “All - Working through update topics this Sunday, will advise soon.” (still no update, a year later)

    Are you surprised?

    Now a lot has happened since then. For example, I posted about a grave concern I had with a graphic on the website. I posted about that a half year ago: https://forum.waytools.com/t/problem-graphic-on-the-website/5520/4 This is what Waytools said over half a year ago in response: “Team will brainstorm some further refinements, and alternative ways to present it. We’ll plan to revise it within a week.” (it still hasn’t been changed)

    Are you surprised?

    More than two months ago, I wrote a post: https://forum.waytools.com/t/so-i-guess-i-gave-a-ted-no-a-techtalk-no-a-textblade-talk-in-a-theater/5604
    In that post, I said: “How long will it be before you all get to know more of what I know right now? ... Based on my most recent conversation with Mark, I’d be surprised if you don’t know more in less than two months. Hopefully significantly less than two months from now.” (we still don’t have this information posted)

    Are you surprised?

    I had intentionally padded what Mark had told me of when he’d share information with everyone. BY A LOT. But then I sort of quietly forgot about it as I have a lot going on in my life right now (we are getting VERY CLOSE to adopting the little boy we’ve had in foster care for two years!!!) As some of you know, I’ve been extremely bullish about the TextBlade and I continue to know and believe that it is a TRANSFORMATIVE PRODUCT, one that people will love when they receive it. But I recently had an experience that unfortunately made me have to take a step back. 

    Congrats on the adoption. 

    While the nature of your restaurant encounter was obviously uncomfortable, given that the outcome ended up being somewhat congenial, it seems it was a net positive. Too many of the WT cheerleading squad seem to live in a bubble of non-empathy, similar to Mark Knighton. I'm glad you are taking a 'step back' and thinking about the degree to which you tolerate Mark Knighton's ridiculous BS.

    There is honor and integrity in being transparent, reliable, deadline oriented, consistent, and truthful. Mark Knighton is none of those things, so it really baffles me as to why others who seemingly have some of those qualities would attempt to defend his behavior so often.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    I can pretty much agree with that - though I would also point out that a lot of the attacks on the company are unfair. I've never objected to the fair ones. Made them myself. But, confirming that many people have been unfair is the fact that, in spite of me criticizing WT myself, I have often been accused of only defending them.

    Unfairness has been a primary issue for me on the internet for decades. After I first, foolishly, thought it would be a great way for people to have rational discussions with others all over the world. After a couple years I realized that wasn't going to happen no matter how nice I was to people who weren't, so I set out to stand against the crap.
    I dont see you defending unfairness here. I see a very specific bias in you and a keen focus on a specific narrative. You are like a defense lawyer. A good analogy to you and Waytools would be you are like Johnnie Cochran defending OJ. You ignore any and all facts and statements that hurt your narrative. You spin any facts that can suit your narrative. Alright, OJ beat his wife on several occasions, nobody is perfect, but he didnt kill her! Ok, WayTools missed 500 shipping deadlines by an infinite margin over the past 4+ years and all the while collected more and more money from more customers showing them a specific time frame when they would receive their product, but they never lied to anybody! Your propaganda strains credulity and you know it. 

    But thats ok - it is good, because the ludicrous replies from WayTools_Support and Kahuna characters shine light on the defective personalities behind the company and the lies they believe and the lies they tell, which helps caution additional people away from being involved and giving the narcissists more money.

    Clearly the people behind Waytools are never going to change. The only thing that can be done is to starve them to death until they disappear.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Not sure how to repay 'principle' but I'd gladly contribute to paying you interest for four years, at my bank account interest rate of .01%, which is ~4 cents, if it makes you feel better.   It will have to be through paypal, etc. as you are not worth a 50 cent stamp.  You don't get an early adopter gift if you cancel, that's the deal, take it or leave it.
    No doubt you are part of the Waytools team and that sentiment is exactly how Waytools thinks about and treats its customers. Thanks for proving one of my points. 

    My message has been delivered. I recommend no one give money to the outrageously unethical people who run this company until they fulfill their obligations to the past four years worth of customers whose money they already have.