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  • Brazilian iPhone thieves demonstrate importance of responsible password practices

    I'm an Apple Specialist and it is just incredibly how many people 1) use simple number sequences for their iPhone/iPad passcode. (1111, 0000, 1234, etc). Even worse how many times when I've asked someone to enter their Apple ID password in their phone, they open up the Notes app and there is every password and PIN number for their entire life.

    I try to inform them how unsafe that is, but few listen.  I even show them password books (like an address book) that cost about $5.00 on Amazon.  While even that might not be the safest thing if a home is burgled, it is still better than having an iPhone whose passcode is 0000 and then having all your user names and passwords to every website under the sun in Notes is just courting disaster.  (Often these are the same phones that aren't backed up anywhere, so when it gets lost, the information is gone as well.)

  • COVID-19 disaster shows off Apple's true core

    I'm sure this article will be accused of drinking the Apple Kool-Aid, but it everything said here is true.  Apple has resources like pretty much no other company on the planet and no matter what happens concerned the pandemic, Apple will see it through.

    Today, Goldman Sachs issued a rare sell recommendation on Apple stock and sure enough the stock is down a few dollars in a market that is otherwise very positive today.  Either they were looking to just move the price downward to pick up shares a bit cheaper, or they are highly mistaken about Apple's future.

    Sure, stores are closed and sales will be down for this and almost certainly the next quarter, but people need Apple services and products.  The intro of the new iPhone SE is actually perfectly timed.  There are a lot of people who need to upgrade their old iPhone 6 and 7.  At $399, the new SE is perfect and doesn't break the bank for many people.  (Monthly payment plans will be around $16 a month.  People spend more on a Netflix subscription.)

    Finally, all the charitable stuff that Apple does is truly incredible.  They have the resources, the pull, and the money.  Good to see some of go to good causes.