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  • Brazilian iPhone thieves demonstrate importance of responsible password practices

    I'm an Apple Specialist and it is just incredibly how many people 1) use simple number sequences for their iPhone/iPad passcode. (1111, 0000, 1234, etc). Even worse how many times when I've asked someone to enter their Apple ID password in their phone, they open up the Notes app and there is every password and PIN number for their entire life.

    I try to inform them how unsafe that is, but few listen.  I even show them password books (like an address book) that cost about $5.00 on Amazon.  While even that might not be the safest thing if a home is burgled, it is still better than having an iPhone whose passcode is 0000 and then having all your user names and passwords to every website under the sun in Notes is just courting disaster.  (Often these are the same phones that aren't backed up anywhere, so when it gets lost, the information is gone as well.)

  • Congress members demand Apple exit China in letter to Tim Cook

    Meanwhile, all four of these Congressmen use iPhones to send their tweets.

    A bit hypocritical...but then again, that is the mainline of GOP DNA. 
  • UK class action over App Store commission could cost Apple $2B

    Rayz2016 said:
    There’s one company that makes just about every pair of spectacles on the planet. The markup on eyewear is literally eye-watering. 

    And you never hear about it. 

    So very true.  A local optician would charge me almost $1400 for two pairs of glasses with progressive lenses.  Costco was able to do the same for about $400.00.  Warby Parker for about $600. 

    No one is suing Luxottica for the insane prices they charge. 

    The same goes for most jewelry which works on a price scale known in the business as Triple Keystone- 300% over wholesale.  That $600.00 watch cost the store $200.00.   When there's a "sale" things often become Triple Key +25.-- 325% over cost.  Then marked down by whatever.
  • Parallels Desktop 16.5 released with native Apple Silicon support

    So let's say I have an M1 Mac with Parallels 16.5 and Windows 10 ARM.  Will Windows programs that use the regular Windows 10 for Intel (like Quicken for Windows) work...or do those programs need to be written for Windows for ARM. 
  • Chrome is still a memory hog on macOS compared to Safari

    I have a 2019 iMac with a 3.6GHz i9 CPU, 64gb of RAM, and 8gb of video ram- so quite a powerful system. 

    I was using Chrome for quite a while, but I noticed I was hearing the iMac's fan a lot. I installed the program MenuBar Stats which gives all sorts of system info- CPU and RAM usage, reading on the almost 30 temperature sensors inside the machine, and of course, fan speed.

    Well, the fan would often go to 100%. The CPU temp would soar to 165-170º.  

    Then I switched to Safari. Not only did everything load faster, but the fan stopped coming on. The programs that were operating at the same time, worked faster. The CPU temp rarely goes about 145º.  

    Chrome simply sucks.