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  • Apple Vision Pro won't break 500k sales in 2024, even with international expansion

    Oh no... Apple might only sell 300,000 (a guess) AVPs... at roughly $4000 per sale, that's just $1.2billion in revenue for the year. 

    I think Apple should just close up shop on that news. 

    Seriously, some of these stories are just ridiculous.  Did anyone really think that over half a million people were going to shell out over $4000 for a first gen product?  This AVP is in many ways, the prototype.  It provides the platform for future development.  It provides Apple with a ton of feedback on what a second or third generation should be, as well as a lower cost model.  It provides developers with a real platform to produce apps for the spatial environment. 

    First gen products are always super expensive and often don't sell very well.  How many people spent $15,000 (it was somewhere in that neighborhood) on the first gen 42" flat panel televisions about 30 years ago?  ($15k in 1997 is oner $28k today).  

    We're just six months into Apple Vision Pro... let's talk in about two or three years to see how it's doing. 
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  • England's poshest school Eton bans iPhones but provides iPads

    I often leave comments on this site using my past experience as an Expert at an Apple Store for about 4½ years.   Here I can use my pre-Apple experience- 32 years as a public high school teacher.

    What Eton is doing is a good thing.  Students are WAY too connected to their phones.  Some years back, I had to take one from a student who just refused to put it away.  A few minutes later, another student tells me that first kid was now cutting herself.  Yes, she was using some relatively sharp to make straight line bruises on an arm.  If the object was any sharper, she would have been bleeding all over the place.

    That might be an extreme example, but you get the idea. 

    The constant connection to the internet and to each other takes away from learning. Simple as that.  If they are paying attention to their phone, they are not paying attention to the lesson at hand.  

    A number of years ago, an MIT professor tried a small experiment in his lecture.  He had half the class operate as normal, meaning they had phones, tablets, and laptops out.  They were all multitasking- listening to him and watching whatever online.  The other half just had pen and paper, or maybe a computer, but agreed to not use the internet.  The professor gives a lecture, a rather basic one, and then gives everyone a short quiz on it.  As you might expect, the students that were not multitasking did quite a bit better than those who were. 

    Finally, if I am a parent and I'm paying tens of thousands of pounds for my son to go to Eton, he damn well better be paying attention to the instructors and not his phone.
  • Elon Musk's latest anti-Apple tirade is about a ChatGPT feature that doesn't exist

    Musk is just angry that Apple chose a competitor to his AI platform.   It is really is incredible... he's had some good ideas over the years (that others have been able to execute), but he so often acts like a petulant, spoiled child. 

    Does he really think he's going to be able to stop customers in a Tesla showroom from looking at cars if they don't hand their iPhone over?  

  • Falling US demand means an imminent international rollout for Apple Vision Pro

    This is less of some sort of amazing news leak then just pure common sense.

  • WWDC unlikely to see debuts of any new hardware at all

    I still find it hard to believe that Apple is going to let the Mac Studio sit with an M2 all the way up to the point when an M5 chip will either be announced or just weeks away.   No matter how small the market may be for Mac Studios and Mac Pro, to let them sit for almost two years between updates these days just makes no sense at all.