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  • Apple's new iCloud+ big data plans start at $30 per month for 6TB

    What I really wish they did as well, was to have a 1TB plan for let's say, $4.99 or $5.99.   Going from 200GB to 2TB is quite a leap.
  • China government iPhone ban will have almost no effect on sales, says analyst

    Another item left out of the story:

    Even if this alleged ban in China costs Apple a few hundred thousand phone sales, how many of them will be made up in the newest big market: India?   This is the first launch where Apple has a real presence in that country:  web, stores (okay, just two of them..for now), and production.

    My bet- in a few years, India will be buying more iPhones than China regardless of what the Chinese government says or does.
    Bart Ytmay
  • New 'Ted Lasso' shortbread cookies let fans experience biscuits with the boss

    maltz said:
    You had me at 'Ted Lasso' shortbread cookies...

    Then lost me at $30+shipping (and taxes?) for a box of 10!  Holy crap.

    (But looking over the rest of the site, it does seem to be about par for the course - if not on the cheaper side.)

    I was seriously prepared to immediately order some to put out at in my work break room...where let's say everyone has a bit of a vested interest in Ted Lasso.... but not at that price. 
  • YouTuber converts Apple Watch to run mechanically

    I think this was incredible.   Of course, the amount of work it took is insane, but his talent to accomplish such a task are off the charts.  

    The final product looks like a cross between an Apple Watch and a classic Rado watch with just two hands on a blank black dial.
  • Apple expected to invest in Arm ahead of possible September IPO

    lorca2770 said:

    Please, correct me.
    I have been following Apple since 1984 (Mac 128 😊)

    Was it not S Job who at some point, during the tough times, sold ARM (since it was Apple’s company)? I think I understood it was Apple Reduced Memory. It was one of those developments that were undermined by Microsoft with the permanent: “stop the presses we are coming with something better”. So many Apple developments were drowned by, at the time, all powerful MS.
    Please advise.

    I can't find anything online about Steve Jobs/Apple having owned ARM in the past.  ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine.