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  • Final Cut Pro said to be available for Apple Vision Pro at launch

    He’s not some random YouTuber, he’s got a decent number of subs and is big into video editing and production etc. But I stopped watching him a long time ago after he sold out to Premiere Pro so I’m a little shocked to see him saying anything about Apple products. Cool, I guess. 

    I could care less who reported on it, the prospect of editing in FCPX with the Vision Pro sounds amazing, in theory. We’ll just have to wait and see how Apple have executed it. 
  • Bad Bunny named Apple Music Artist of the Year 2022

    Who? Never heard of him lol
  • Final Cut Pro & iMovie updates have fix for export & playback bug

    mpantone said:
    M68000 said:
    Sigh… Yet another FCPX update that most likely won’t work for me. Still can’t get Final Cut to open at all since I updated my MacOS. Ugh. 
    MMaybe you should just start over and wipe your Mac and install fresh?
    “Before OP goes ahead with such extreme measures, I suggest OP deletes FCPX completely and reinstalls it from scratch.”
    Yeah I’ve tried that over a half dozen times and it’s still the same issue - final cut won’t even open to a splash screen or anything anymore for me. Not when I try and open older project files or just open the app by itself. It refuses to open at all and it’s frustrating as hell because that’s been my primary editor application for nearly a decade and I’ve never had this issue until I updated my MacOS last December. Haven’t been able to use it since and have had to use *shudders* Premiere Pro…
  • Apple Watch Series 8's S8 chip may not be a big upgrade from S7

    Well now I’m glad I just bought my S7 green Apple Watch. Doesn’t sound like the S8 is going to be much of an upgrade and I won’t be missing out on much. 
  • Apple seeds macOS 12.2 to public with rebuilt Apple Music, minor updates

    Hoping and praying if I do this update it *magically* fixes FCPX not launching for me on 12.1. Updated to 12.1 recently (the first time in a few years I’ve updated my macOS, I admit) and the first thing I noticed was wrong was Final Cut no longer opened. And I was devastated. It won’t open if I try my most recent project, and won’t open if I try to just open the app with no project. Totally wrecked my productivity there for a while until I switched to Resolve and then reluctantly started using Premiere again. I’ve been using FCPX for nearly a decade with no major issues before I updated to 12.1.

    Since the update notes don’t mention Final Cut at all, I’m not getting my hopes up. Really disappointed in Apple right now. My machine isn’t super old by any means, it’s a 15” mid-2015 MBP, but that shouldn’t matter since it is still on the list of supported devices for macOS 12.1 and FCPX. Probably going to wait and keep checking the Final Cut forums and see if anything changes, because there are lots of other people having a similar issue as me.