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  • China passes the world's strictest user data protection law

    lkrupp said:
    All the love for China here. I guess it’s a prelude to total acceptance ArchStanton said:
    If China is serious then require App tracking to be turned off by default. Now the only thing that can be collected is within a specific app's usage (as it should be).

    It would be a punch to the gut for some companies (big and.not so big) and I don't like to see people lose their jobs, but surveillance capitalism isn't something that should have been relied on for mega billions in the first place.  

    “Surveillance capitalism”? What kind of babbling bullshit is this? 
    You can read either book listed below (or at least do article reading at Then you can respond regarding "babbling bullshit" with some knowledge of the subject.

    You and your own opinion on the subject not withstanding, it is important to anyone else reading this: make no mistake, huge amounts of your private data is collected by many companies (Google and Facebook are collecting the most, but not even remotely close to the only ones). This is done in significant part thanks to App Tracking (one installed App tracks what you do across your others apps/phone).  If someone thinks this is no big dea, like who I am responding to, then this reply isn't for you. For those that do care, especially ones railing against CSAM with Apple, understand Apple is by far one of the least data collecting Companies out there. And if you are going to be upset about what Apple has done, open your eyes to the massive data collection that is going on constantly. 
    Don't take my word for it, request your free emailed copy of your data from Apple, Google, Facebook (just expect Google and Facebook downloads to take a long time). 

    How To Destroy Surveillance Capitalism by Cory Doctorow

    The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff

    (Both available in e copy)

  • Apple applied list of terms censored in China to Taiwan & Hong Kong

    China the country and government mandates what happens in China. They will be offended by certain things, full stop. 
    United States the country and government mandates what happens in the United States, They will be offended by certain things, full stop.
    Those from one place feeling outrage because those in the other places don't do it like your place need to stop substituting feelings and what they see on TV for actual thought, full stop.
    Those who think other countries do bad things and believe bad things, but mine doesn't do any of that need to take their heads out of the clouds and read a book, full stop.
    People that think a company should only sell products in places that are like the place you live in lack an ability to see outside their confirmation bias, extra full stop. 

    Apple "fan" sites are becoming less and less Apple tech talk and more like the supermarket checkout aisle magazines. Can't wait for the eventual headline -- Report: Tim Cook Impregnates Alien so iOS Can Conquer The Galaxy
  • Corellium launches initiative to help analyze Apple's CSAM claims

    Excellent news. But again why wasn't Apple highlighting these kind of items right from the get go? IMHO Apple management made it a bad situation that a proper roll out could have significantly lessened. 
  • 'iPhone 13' launch may feature 'Time to Run' for 'Apple Watch Series 7'

    Does Apple typically offer last year’s model at a discount at the Apple Store when the new iPhone’s are released? 
    Often but not a guarantee. A lot will depend on inventory. IME best times are Jan/Feb (after holiday) and slowest sales time which is usually Apple's Q3 (calendar Q2). On this second one, I got the GPS only Watch S6 in mid May, 319$. I also got APPs at 189 late May. Both were lowest or closest to lowest prices all time But I just saw here on AI S6 hit near flat 300$. I'd be surprised if Jan/Feb we don't see S6 possibly get a bit below 300. But this year may not be the year for it. Part shortages + Apple's sales have been gigantic. Their builds have barely been keeping with demand on a number of products. If if sales are titanic again this Holiday season, deals may not materialize.   

    Ultimately, IMHO, If you can afford it just set up an email alert at Slickdeals for new lowest price(look to see what is the last lowest price they've seen too). Also keep an eye out here at AI. When you see something in the ballpark of that price, jump on it right when it happens.  Again, if you can afford it, the 25 bucks you might save just isn't worth the long wait and chance that you'll have waited for no deal to materialize. 
  • Apple squashes employee surveys on pay equity

    lkrupp said:
    The inmates THINK they run the asylum. That’s the Millennial mindset. They are about to find out who really runs Apple.

    That may be true about millennials (probably very true) but even when I worked at Apple in the 80s, this also would not have been allowed. The closest you came to knowing another's pay was your particular department and position grade (I'm sure Apple has changed grades since I was there). Grades generally were similar pay range. From there it was all about your reviews. As to whether it was official company policy or simply unacceptable to peers? I don't remember, maybe both, but you did not discuss pay at work.
    It's a bad idea anyway. You will quickly find out an ugly reality -- that people you think 'are worthless' (and sometimes they are) are making better money. Their worthless positions were determined at higher position grades(the birthday planner and office supply orderer making 25% more than tech, Urghh!).  And be sure of this (at least when I was there), you work in Cupertino corporate, you probably make better money. You work at a remote site location (still in the valley), you tended to make less. I worked at both. Also much better small benefits at Cupertino too. But remote site had its benefits, much less layers of management watching everything you do. Back in the day at Apple, you didn't wine about it, you accepted the good and the bad with each situation.