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  • Tile accuses Apple of antitrust behavior in letter to EU regulators

    sflocal said:
    Tile's huge flaw is that it requires other Tile users to have an app running in order for it to work outside the range of the original owner's iPhone.
    You win the Internet today!  This is exactly the problem and why it is a privacy issue.  Third party’s phone is now broadcasting *its* location to Tile so that “you” can find your beacon.

    To some degree, I would think it could be worked around, by extending the iBeacon API within iOS to be locked to a specific UUID series for this type of application, but it is easy enough to get abused by bad actors.
  • Apple issues $8B bond sale as debt market nears all-time low

    apple ][ said:
    Institutions who have billions laying around to invest, why don't they just invest in AAPL stock and make a killing instead of a lousy 0.75% after tying up their money for many years?
    Because generations of people have been told to invest in bonds and fixed income as they get closer to retirement.  Beyond that... it makes no sense, but fighting that idea is a fools errand.

    But you are not going to find 0.75% interest in a savings account right now.  (You will of course get more than that in dividends alone from Apple stock though.)
  • Apple Card users having problems with making payments

    Had my October 27 payment fail (second payment, first no issues), tried again yesterday within hours of notice that it failed, that one fails in about 16 hours. Nothing shows up on bank account, plenty of funds. 

    So much for not screwing up a very easy source of revenue, GS/Apple. 
  • Apple to launch iPad Pro, iPad mini, 10.2-inch iPad, ceramic Apple Watch in 2019

    Personally, I have been waiting for a ceramic option to upgrade my ceramic 2nd gen.  The ceramic watch has held up so much better than the stainless for the abuse I give it, it doesn’t make sense to go back.
  • Goldman Sachs sees Apple stock stagnant for a year, slashes estimate

    If you are a long term investor, there isn't much to really fear-- the stock is trading at a PE of 15, has a yield of 1.5%, and has some huge backstops to its underlying business. 

    I would attribute most most of the drop to general market concern and just taking profits. I had scheduled a sale for January for tax reasons myself, need to re-think my plan personally.

    That said, a part of me thinks we will see $160 before we see $210 again.  Hope Apple is "backing up the truck" on the drop though.