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  • Back to school 2019: should you choose Apple's Mac or an iPad

    For a college student, the iPad Pro keyboard is way too damage-prone to be a good investment. After six months mine has serious wear issues, and I am not hard on my stuff. But hey, if you can amortize the extra keyboards into your student loans why worry!

    For college, the Air is the way to go. For professionals with an income though, the iPad Pro is great. 
  • Apple Card may reap $1.5 billion, be in top 10 card issuers by 2024

    The question for me is how high of an interest rate is necessary to run a successful business and where it crosses over into greed.
    Well, start with ~5% risk free rate, add about 5% default rate, add the fact that people carrying balances are more likely to default, and add 3-4% for overhead and profit, and you are easily north of 15% in the US, and even 20% is defensible. 

    Want it to change the equation?  Reduce cost of capital by a point or two, create tools to reduce the overall default rate, encourage more frequent payments and save a point by automating most of the features.  This can get you under 10% if you work hard at it. 

    Most of the “greed” in the credit card industry is in extending credit to people that are bad at math, and gaming the process a little to encourage fees.  The interest rate is a result of those policy decisions. 
  • Apple to launch iPad Pro, iPad mini, 10.2-inch iPad, ceramic Apple Watch in 2019

    Personally, I have been waiting for a ceramic option to upgrade my ceramic 2nd gen.  The ceramic watch has held up so much better than the stainless for the abuse I give it, it doesn’t make sense to go back.
  • USB Type-C protocol similar to MFi finalized, could block low-quality chargers

    Put me in the camp that thinks USB-C is overrated for a device the size of the iPad.  I was really pissed when I realized there is no "easy” way to charge or transfer data via USB-A.  It forces me to have another set of cables, another charger, and more dongle madness. When traveling this quickly becomes maddening— I wonder how the folks at Apple deal with traveling. 

    When it comes to charging, making things proprietary or not universally compatible reduces utility. Who wants to put in hard-wired charging outlets if they are obsolete in a couple years... it forces you back into buying and carrying device-specific chargers. 
  • Goldman Sachs sees Apple stock stagnant for a year, slashes estimate

    If you are a long term investor, there isn't much to really fear-- the stock is trading at a PE of 15, has a yield of 1.5%, and has some huge backstops to its underlying business. 

    I would attribute most most of the drop to general market concern and just taking profits. I had scheduled a sale for January for tax reasons myself, need to re-think my plan personally.

    That said, a part of me thinks we will see $160 before we see $210 again.  Hope Apple is "backing up the truck" on the drop though.