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  • Stop panicking about Apple's rumored switch from Intel to its own chips in the Mac

    Depends on what is important to you.  For me, it would be a nail in the coffin for Macs; interoperability is why Macs got beyond the 2% niche level.  Design helped, but it would never have happened if you couldn't use the same laptop to run Windows or Linux/Unix.

    I could likely survive with an A-Series processor for 95% of what I do, but the remaining 5% kills the value proposition as I end up needing an additional computer.
  • Tile accuses Apple of antitrust behavior in letter to EU regulators

    sflocal said:
    Tile's huge flaw is that it requires other Tile users to have an app running in order for it to work outside the range of the original owner's iPhone.
    You win the Internet today!  This is exactly the problem and why it is a privacy issue.  Third party’s phone is now broadcasting *its* location to Tile so that “you” can find your beacon.

    To some degree, I would think it could be worked around, by extending the iBeacon API within iOS to be locked to a specific UUID series for this type of application, but it is easy enough to get abused by bad actors.
  • Apple issues $8B bond sale as debt market nears all-time low

    apple ][ said:
    Institutions who have billions laying around to invest, why don't they just invest in AAPL stock and make a killing instead of a lousy 0.75% after tying up their money for many years?
    Because generations of people have been told to invest in bonds and fixed income as they get closer to retirement.  Beyond that... it makes no sense, but fighting that idea is a fools errand.

    But you are not going to find 0.75% interest in a savings account right now.  (You will of course get more than that in dividends alone from Apple stock though.)
  • Apple Card users having problems with making payments

    Had my October 27 payment fail (second payment, first no issues), tried again yesterday within hours of notice that it failed, that one fails in about 16 hours. Nothing shows up on bank account, plenty of funds. 

    So much for not screwing up a very easy source of revenue, GS/Apple. 
  • Sonos S2 update is a bitter pill that is necessary for the future of streaming

    I’ve got a lot of Sonos gear; I have retired my Amp and a few other devices, but I still have (3) Play 5’s running around the house. By far the best sound quality compared to the 3’s and 1’s... and even the Playbar. In total I have over $5,000 invested in Sonos gear purchased over the past 8 years. I used to really like the system, but if it stops working I would dump them in a flash and go for a hard-wired, “dumb” system. About the only smart function I use is muting of individual speakers. I used to have everything set up through my home automation system, but one of the updates broke that. Sonos really has become a disappointment. More and more I am joining the “smart is stupid” camp!
  • Ubiquiti massive data breach 'catastrophically worse' than reported, says whistleblower

    welshdog said:
    I only have a Ubiquti UAP-AC-Pro connected to my Google Fiber Network Box. I did reset passwords when they first asked us to, but I'm wondering if I should be concerned about anything else?  I'm not aware that I am using any of their cloud services unless it's happens in the background.
    Likely minimal risk for access points. Biggest risk is for the security gateways, dream machines, and protect camera line.  Or, if you host a controller with them.

    It is a complete shit show, and illustrates just how poorly operated the company is... but the risk is pretty manageable.  The real question is what Ubiquiti does to address this moving forward.  Their signing keys were compromised... they need to take serious action.
  • WWDC costs Apple $50M a year, new Apple Park developer center coming

    viclauyyc said:
    What the WWDC and future Apple Park plan has to do with Epic?
    The issue is tha the margins of the App Store do not reflect the total cost of running the store, specifically developer support.  They are basically saying that they take a cut off specific transactions, but those transactions do not reflect the total economic activity of their app environment— that users trust the App Store, and its economic impact is much bigger than the fees or proifts it sees from the venture.
  • Kuo: Demand for new MacBook Pro models tepid due to high prices, disappointing specs

    While I generally buy MacBook Air's, I had gotten fed up with the need for two dongles and a power supply when I am off-site for work.  I hate having to choose between Ethernet or hdmi. So, I was going to get the pro this time.  Then Apple started the DongleDangle... so I will skip it.  Maybe my Air can survive another year...

    Apple really screwed up by: not providing the iPhone 7 with a USB-C port over lightning; not creating an "exciting" dock brick to avoid dongle madness; not including one USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box; and, making the pro laptop decidedly consumer.  

    I get their heir strategy and motivation.  In two years when their phones are all USB-C, and when someone (else) makes a slick dock... all the pieces will be there.  Not willing to waste money on the goofy transitional products this time around though.  If all else fails, my Air and iMac just become Remote Desktop thin clients... and I can live with that.
  • Apple SVP Eddy Cue sells $37.5M in AAPL stock

    jakeb said:
    He sold ALL of his stock aside from 1000 or so shares? Am I reading that right? 
    Yes. I now own more AAPL than Eddy Cue. 
    Yeah... me too.  I have to agree with Spam Sandwich -- time for Eddie to go.  Might be time for Jony and a few others too.

    Doesn't mean I have any better ideas on design or running the company, but Apple needs a kick in the pants.  They likely should be raising the dividend substantially as well.

    They are experiencing cyclical issues now... but they chose to make them worse.  The iPhone 7 doesn't work for me, as I fly a lot and switch between listening to my phone, iPad, and in-flight entertainment on my noise-cancelling headphones, and have no desire to carry either a dongle or extra set of headphones.  Been there, done that.  On the MBP, the extra $6-700 or so I would need to spend for additional power supplies, docks, and dongles (I work from three different locations regularly, as well as travel) makes it pretty easy to dismiss; I can live with the Air another year, maybe two.  (My 10-year old $300 netbook is now better suited for travel!)
  • First look: Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    Wow... I am going to have to buy a Windows laptop for work. Second toe out of the ecosystem. 

    This laptop does does almost nothing to handle my needs, which aren't that high-end.  Nearly $3k when you add in the cost of a dock to actually make it functional, and just meh performance. 

    At at this point, just give me a fucking Mac mini with a built-in 30-minute UPS battery.  

    Their obvious goal is to make the iPad line more compelling than the laptop line, which seems absurd.  Someone needs to be fired.