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  • Netflix disabled AirPlay because it isn't being told what device is getting the stream

    flydog said:
    Since they sell plans per device, it is understandable that they distinguish between devices. Besides, AirPlay to an Apple TV doesn't make sense: you download to your mobile device via wi-fi, then AirPlay to the Apple TV over the same wi-fi, unnecessary two way traffic that would reduce playback quality. Why not use the Netflix app on the Apple TV instead? It syncs perfectly between devices, you can also hard-wire your Apple TV directly to your router via Ethernet. That policy may only affect TV sets with AirPlay but without the Netflix app. The solution appears to be the usual one: buy the dumbest TV you can tolerate and attach an Apple TV. So AirPlay implemented on a TV without tvOS is useless, it may help you to AirPlay YouTube from your mobile device but such TVs may already have YouTube.
    The device that is streaming via AirPlay is the device.  AirPlay can only stream to one device at a time so there is no need to distinguish between different TVs for that purpose.  If that was the case Netflix would have stated so instead of relying on an explanation that is more dubious on its face.

    Moreover, there is no need to distinguish the type of device for this purpose. The only thing that is relevant is the number of devices.
    Really. You know this, how?
  • Apple debuts Apple TV+ and Apple TV Channels for cord-cutters, integrated into TV app

    Kind of 'meh' so far. It's really not obvious what's new or different. Not having Netflix, or cable behemoths like Xfinity or Charter, are a problem for me.
  • Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said to attend Apple's March 25th event

    I am having trouble understanding all of the angst here. Apple has had credit card relationships with various banks for any number of years (e.g., Citizens Bank when you buy the iPhone on installment). This will merely take that to the next level. Especially if they're serious about where a service such as ApplePay is headed.

    As to the name "Goldman Sachs," sure there's some misconception, thanks to the financial crisis (in which they played a minor part, and not much more or less than dozens of other players), in some circles. But when it comes to the brand name, few can beat the GS. If Apple were to partner with anyone, surely GS hs to be on top of its list. Whom else would you recommend?

    And, for better or worse, you're monetized by these companies anyway, so Apple might as well grab some of those dollars.
  • Appeals court upholds AT&T's $85.4 billion takeover of Time Warner

    lkrupp said:
    But imagine what would happen if Apple did something like this, say buying Disney. The Internet would come to a complete standstill as the outrage and hand wringing consumed all available bandwidth. 

    The first thing I noticed was price.

    If Apple was "stupid" for buying beats for 3B, imagine how stupid they would be to spend 85B on an acquisition?

    Btw, here's an interesting factoid: that $85B for T-W + market values of CBS ($19B) + Viacom ($12B) + Half of Fox ($45B) ≃ market value of Netflix ($158B)
  • Apple COO Jeff Williams 'aware' of iPhone, Mac price concerns

    Meanwhile, our puny minds can comprehend the balance sheet, and profit is obscene. The same old story doesn’t fly. 
    Profits (flow) don’t appear on the balance sheet (stock).