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  • Proposed antitrust bills would ban Apple from preinstalling its own iOS apps

    sflocal said:
    So if I build my own phone and my own os, and sell it as a single product, I would be barred from loading my own apps on it?

    F**k you politicians.  

    I see no scenario where Apple would ever let this happen.  If passed, it will be forever tied up in the courts.  The iPhone has plenty of competition.  There is zero point to this.
    This is no different than Microsoft in the end of ''90. Start using brain. It was bad that time and it is bad now. You people are so blind that you blame Microsoft and then 20 years later it is okay for another large corporation to try and monopolize market. Are you born fairly recently with last year brainwash problem or you did not put enough study to know prior cases like this one and ruling on them?
    This case is most definitely different from the Microsoft case from the 90’s. The unquestionable difference has been described above but you might have a reading comprehension problem. Microsoft licensed its OS to many different computer hardware companies (essentially all except Apple). When they saw a threat to their dominance from the emergence of the internet and specifically the Netscape browser, Microsoft used its monopoly power for supply of the MS Windows OS licenses to force their licensees to surpress Netscape and guarantee that Internet Explorer would be the default browser. It did lead to the demise of Netscape as planned. Since I am an old fart, I watched it as it happened and don’t fall for your flawed whataboutism.
  • Head EU antitrust regulator wants Apple to allow alternate app stores

    Japhey said:
    and perhaps in the next 100 years, get some kind of global tax authority in place.”

    My history is a little rusty, but didn’t Europe fight a World War to defeat socialism? How the hell did we get to this point?
    I think your history is a bit more than rusty. If you are speaking of WW II the losers were the fascists (Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, …) to the Allies which included the USA, England, and others including the Soviet Union. That’s right, the USA and Soviet Union were (uncomfortably) allies in the defeat of Fascism. As for socialism most countries of in the EU have significant elements of socialism as does the USA (social security, medicare, etc.).
  • Apple Maps cycling navigation expands to San Diego, Portland

    Tucson would be a nice addition with its all year accessibility. The bike lanes are for daredevil’s (here) but there are many miles of bike paths and the mileage continues to grow.
  • VW chief 'not afraid' of 'Apple Car' entering the market

    oberpongo said:
    These statements from VW CEO are very similar to what the CEOs of Nokia, Blackberry and Microsoft said about the iPhone when it was unveiled in 2007. time will tell if VW will be as forgotten as Nokia and Blackberry. 
    It almost seems like he must be aware of the history of similar comments and is just trolling us to watch the reaction.
  • Apple debuts $699 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini

    It looks like a legitimate successor to the original iPhone SE1. Having FaceID and MagSafe added helps to justify the price increase, not to mention the OLED screen and performance improvements. It would be nice to get hands on at an Apple Store but this is almost certainly a compelling “proper size” iPhone.