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  • 'iPhone SE 2' with A13 will cost $399 says Ming-Chi Kuo

    entropys said:
    It isn’t an SE if it is iPhone 8 sized. That would b an iPhone 8c.

    The SE is about its price point. It has absolutely nothing to do with size. This is a delusion harbored by SE fanatics.
    It has everything to do with size. Let me explain this way. My iOS device is larger than every single iPhone ever made. It is the larger iPad Pro. I am not opposed to large screens, just not on my phone which I keep with me. I waited years for Apple to finally come to its senses and offer an iPhone in a size that was not a phablet wannabe. I like the size and feel of the iPhone SE. The price is NOT an issue.

    Just to be clear on the size issue I would prefer an iPad larger than the one I have now. I would also prefer a phone a bit smaller than my iPhoneSE (with smaller bezels). Price is not the important factor.
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  • Apple issues statement refuting Google's 'false impression' of iOS security [u]

    Abalos65 said:
    mjtomlin said:
    Good for Apple.

    The importance of Google’s Project Zero cannot be overstated, but the handling of this issue was sloppy and irresponsible. It’s now obvious this was little more than a smear campaign against Apple as the issue was not only fixed in a timely manner 6 months ago, but singling out iOS as the only target was disingenuous when vulnerabilities in Windows and Android were exploited as well.

    There is no way the Project Zero team did not know ALL the facts of this “attack” and it’s apparent that Google marketing must’ve stepped in and decided to publicly disclose only certain aspects to disparage iOS.
    Can you give a link to the supposed vulnerabilities being exploited in Windows and Android which Project Zero brushed under the rug?

    The last part of your comment I find troubling, as it is a statement without a shred of evidence.
    I read the last part as speculation on the part of Abalos65 based on based on a belief in the competence of Project Zero and disdain for the ‘suits’ (i.e. marketing) who usually craft the text that is released.
  • Editorial: Apple Card invites you to join a premium, private club

    OK, but when?
  • Review: Brydge Pro Keyboard for iPad Pro beats Apple's offering in nearly every way

    lkrupp said:
    Add mouse support to iOS and you might as well buy a MacBook and be done with it. The mentality of trying to force the iPad into a laptop configuration is just anathema to me. Just buy a damn laptop for the same or lower price.
    I don't completely disagree but you would still not have a multi-touch interface or the iOS environment (specifically I use forScore on the iPadPro for reading sheet music in orchestra and playing chamber music). Also if you pull off your MacBook screen (not advised) it does not function as an extremely nifty iPad.
  • If you wanted an iPhone SE new from Apple, you've probably missed your chance

    macgui said:
    The SE form factor is fine. It doesn't need to be bigger. Just update the screen and usual bits and call it a day.
    I agree and would like to point out that its current form factor is probably the main source of its appeal. I don’t want a larger phone which is labeled as an SE to replace my iPhone SE. I want face ID, more memory, faster processor like I have in my new 12.9” iPad Pro. I am not opposed to large screen iOS devices. In fact I would prefer an even larger iPad Pro if it were available. But I want my phone to be a one hand device that easily fits in my pocket.

    It should be noted that it seems like the rest of the handset market has abandoned the SE form factor, so Apple could rule there by default and gain converts who don’t want to be forced to a larger form factor when they update.