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  • Which upgrades are worth it for the Mac Studio

    Let me bring an example. Architecture.
    for the most basic CAD design we used to need the most powerful workstation available. A single 3D basic render would crush any system (which we let run over the whole weekend for a 1 minute video of a frankly nowadays embarrassing result). Then the machines got a lot faster, but then came BIM. BIM developed fast, but the machines faster. Suddenly, with a specced out iMac we could do most of what we needed without going “full pro”. Then the software developed further and faster, now suddenly the iMac was struggling. Apple Silicon changed all that. With a mid-line system on a chip (M1Pro) we had a powerful enough machine for most tasks. What I mean is that, besides the most demanding workloads, many creative professionals will find their sweet spot for years to come in these new machines. Because they are well ahead of the times now, and by the time they are struggling, the investment will have been well worth (5 years in my case in architecture).

    Of course we plan and design in BIM but are not “specialized” in high def rendering. So, a software rendering without specialized additional software covers our needs.
  • Apple Maps gets 3D view with iOS 15 in selected cities, more to come

    elijahg said:
    Apple seems completely unaware that there is a world outside of London, LA, NYC and San Francisco. Flyover was announced along with the introduction of Apple Maps nine years ago, and yet there are only 17 places in the UK that actually have flyover available, only 6 of the 10 biggest cities, and none of the architecturally impressive or important historic cities like York, Cambridge, Sheffield, Bath etc. Meanwhile Google has managed to drive around and photograph every street in the world, often 3 or 4 times since 2012. Apple has "look around" in two cities in the UK. Look around is much nicer than Streetview, but something is better than nothing.
    Meanwhile Italy has walkaround basically in every village with more than 5 houses... And flyover in many many cities also some smaller ones. Switzerland, on the other hand, is stuck with one Flyover (3D) which is Bern and the rest (Geneva, seat of the UN, Zurich, financial capital, and all others) have none. And no walk around either of course. Strange indeed.
  • Everything new in iOS 14 beta 7: App Library & wallpapers

    igorsky said:
    jdb8167 said:
    Is there a shortcut to get to the App Library? If I have 5 pages of apps it doesn’t seem very convenient. 
    Spotlight search is the best app shortcut there is.

    - settings -> accessibility -> touch -> "back touch" (sorry but my iPhone is not in english). From there you can choose double tap or triple tap actions. One of the available options is "application library". Might help. Although, maybe, Apple could add the "App Library" to that setting....
  • Intel announces technology team restructuring amid 7nm woes

    Restructuring by dividing the entities is the first step in evaluating the sale of single entities. Always has been and always will be. It makes it easier to "outsource" manufacturing and keeping IP and design in house.
  • Apple's HomePod lands in Japan on Aug. 23

    The only thing Apple has to work really hard on, and I know it is a gargantuan task, is "multi language support" in Siri in general (and in HomePod in particular).

    When I give a command, on the HomePod in English, to play an italian song (I speak italian so my pronunciation is correct) Siri does whatever it pleases.

    Same on my iPhone when I ask, in italian, Siri to play an english song, it doesn't get it. Only if I pronounce it like an "italian" it gets it.

    And, before you ask, notice that HomePod doesn't have ANY problem with my english, gets everything right most of the time.

    I know it is really hard, because people speak foreign languages with various amounts of "accent" according to how fluent they are. But, at least for proficient multilingual speakers, Siri should get it.

    If I ask Siri on my phone, in italian, to play some Colplay, I shouldn't be forced to pronounce it the italian way (which hurts my ears... and makes me feel really stupid). Hey Siri, suona "Viva la Vida" dei "Coldplay".

    Room for improvement. Admittedly, I think, one of the hardest things to do on voice recognition, but nevertheless important as more and more people speak several languages...

    A, and hey... Still waiting for my AppleTV to activate Siri in Italian also in the italian speaking part of switzerland. It works in italy, we speak THE EXACT SAME LANGUAGE, and yet after all these years, Siri in Italian is still not available in Switzerland on the Apple TV....