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  • Apple TV with camera and built-in HomePod speaker reportedly in the works

    I love this idea. I often use my HomePod for better tv audio. An Apple TV soundbar w camera makes sense to me. As for the Robotic arm, not so much. The day Apple includes a robotic arm on any of their products we'll know something has gone awry. Unless Apple decides to make a toaster, of course :) 
  • Apple nailed the transition to M1 Apple Silicon. Why are so many Mac developers blowing it...

    lkrupp said:
    QuickBooks is mentioned as not being M1 ready. So many still think QuickBooks and Quicken are owned by the same company, Intuit. Intuit sold off Quicken to a private equity group several years ago. Quicken's new owners have taken the ball and run with it. The Mac version is vastly improved and is fully M1 compatible as of a couple of updates ago. 

    Meanwhile Intuit, who never gave a crap about Macs and who even decided to cease development of Quicken for Mac when their then CEO (Bill Campbell) sat on Apple’s board. Jobs had to use his powers of persuasion to stop it. That Intuit is now dragging its feet on making QuickBooks M1 compatible should come as no surprise to Mac users.
    Just got a message when opening quickbooks that they are no longer supporting their app. I believe it applies to Windows as well, so at least there's that. They are now going all web based. They already had a web version that was pretty good but now that is all there is. Sign o the times, I guess.

    Final Draft has always been lagging behind on development. I am sure they will get there eventually.

  • Intel is now making 'Mac versus PC' ads with Justin Long

    Oh... that's disappointing. I know it is just a job but the original 'I'm a Mac' series brilliant and ground breaking advertising. This is just a flat and tired re-hash. Will the target audience really remember the originals?, and if not - will it work? And Justin is looking old. Nothing wrong with that, we all age, but its just kinda sad. I guess it is a sign of the times - the Mac guy is just like every other guy. Mac is great and all that, but times have changed and Mac now is 'the man'. 
    Still, I am disappointed in Justin. I wish I could unseemly that add.
  • Australian antitrust regulator examines Apple, Google web browser dominance

    Anyone remember the MS IE debacle? Who'd a thunk we'd be at a point where the dominant browser to the point that it warrants scrutiny is an Apple browser? 
  • Portless 'iPhone 13' could restore iOS without needing a cable

    paxman said:
    Wgkrueger said:
    I hope that solution also includes a provision for hard wired connected car players. 
    To be honest you can buy pretty cheap connected bluetooth receivers so no need for a wire to actual phone.
    Maybe for cars from the 90s.  Most new cars have the stereo system so completely integrated into the vehicle that you cannot replace them.  So no, your solution does not work with 99% of the cars on the road today that offer CarPlay.  And Bluetooth is awful for listening to music.  The digital connection with USB is far superior for audio quality, and CarPlay functionality.
    Cars much later than the 90's have an aux in. In fact I have never seen a car without. You can get a quality Bluetooth dongle for that, or even a wifi dongle. Not CarPlay, but with your phone in a mount it works well. I have had that setup in my last two cars, both in the 2000's.