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  • Apple TV with camera and built-in HomePod speaker reportedly in the works

    I love this idea. I often use my HomePod for better tv audio. An Apple TV soundbar w camera makes sense to me. As for the Robotic arm, not so much. The day Apple includes a robotic arm on any of their products we'll know something has gone awry. Unless Apple decides to make a toaster, of course :) 
  • Apple nailed the transition to M1 Apple Silicon. Why are so many Mac developers blowing it...

    lkrupp said:
    QuickBooks is mentioned as not being M1 ready. So many still think QuickBooks and Quicken are owned by the same company, Intuit. Intuit sold off Quicken to a private equity group several years ago. Quicken's new owners have taken the ball and run with it. The Mac version is vastly improved and is fully M1 compatible as of a couple of updates ago. 

    Meanwhile Intuit, who never gave a crap about Macs and who even decided to cease development of Quicken for Mac when their then CEO (Bill Campbell) sat on Apple’s board. Jobs had to use his powers of persuasion to stop it. That Intuit is now dragging its feet on making QuickBooks M1 compatible should come as no surprise to Mac users.
    Just got a message when opening quickbooks that they are no longer supporting their app. I believe it applies to Windows as well, so at least there's that. They are now going all web based. They already had a web version that was pretty good but now that is all there is. Sign o the times, I guess.

    Final Draft has always been lagging behind on development. I am sure they will get there eventually.

  • New York Times leaves Apple News over a lack of reader connection

    I am an on and off Apple News user.  I like that it is right there and I like the breath of choice, but I am not crazy about having news curated in the way I think it is (not certain). When I read news I don't really want to only read what I already think. It is not that I read every angle of a story, but I like being presented with a range of topics and articles within one publication. I like the NYT and may subscribe independently. Apple news is trying hard to balance between easy access, tabloid layout and article length with a ton of adds within many articles. I like it but it has not hit the sweet spot for me.

  • House antitrust chair calls Apple App Store fees 'highway robbery'

    30% has always seemed on the high side and it has been controversial since day one. I don't know what the costs are but we do know Apple makes shedloads of money and it would make sense (to me), for Apple to share some of the spoils with the creative people who help make the platform so successful by lowering the prices. 
  • Apple Watch Series 5 -- Review, one month later

    Love my aw5. One very annoying thing, however, is that the always on feature doesn't help with something they specifically mentioned in the presentation (if there is a way to fix this perhaps a kind soul will tell me :smile: ). I find that when I am at the gym the most annoying on the old watch was that when you put on a timer or stopwatch the screen would o black before it was done. Ditto when working in the kitchen and hands are full of butter or whatever. With the 5 and os6 I thought this would end but it didn't. Instead of going black the screen goes out of focus so to catch a glimpse of the timer doesn't work.