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  • Pixar head John Lasseter takes leave of absence amid sexual misconduct allegations

    cali said:
    Only in the U.S. men are guilty until proven innocent... actually never innocent. If the roles were reversed they would tell him to "man up" or call him "lucky". Being at the top of the latter gets you plenty of female attention remember that.

    Good luck buddy! Hope your ok.

    Would hate if this guy was fired because of allegations of if he commited suicide or something. Hope he's ok!
    Being at the top of the ladder will have m
    You are confused, old man. Only in the USA (and everywhere else in the world) is a woman treated like the perpetrator if she accuses a man of sexual misconduct. It is only in the very very recent past that women have been at all listened to in this regard. People in position of power that abuse that power deserve everything that's coming at them. The fact that for men in positions of power that often includes sexual abuse just makes it so much worse. It is wrong and is disgusting no matter who it is. 
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  • Apple Music exec Bozoma Saint John joins Uber as chief brand officer

    An immediate goal will be "changing the image of Uber and crafting what that brand story is," she added. "That hasn't been done yet.".
    When I read this kind of cliche'd corporate bullshit I despair. It is insulting. In order to change the image and craft the story, the content has to change for it to have meaning. If everything remains the same at HQ but the image and story are re-imagined, re-crafted, re-evisioned, call it what the fuck you will, it is a loser proposition and an insult to all Uber customers, because everybody knows it is just lipstick on a pig. 
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  • Apple's iMac Pro comes with special black Lightning-to-USB cable

    imando said:
    Why would I buy this over the surface desktop?  Unless I'm using final cut pro, there is nothing holding 
    Me back at this point. 
    Creative cloud will run the same on both platforms. Drawing is clearly better on the surface. 
    The sup and full touch screen is more functional frlor drawing and manipulating art. 
    I dint even know why apple released this. 
    Sup bud? Srsly u shuld buy the surface if ur evn asking. Why u evn here?
  • Two new books offer very different looks at Apple founder Steve Jobs

    nunzy said:
    Steve Jobs was a saint. A creative genius. And the best huckster the world has ever seen. He made billions of dollars.
    I'd argue that your first sentence entirely undermines anything that might come after. We all know Steve was no saint, don't we? He is one of my heroes for many reasons, and I will read both books because I find his story endlessly interesting, but I have few illusions about his sainthood :smile:  Like my children - I love'em above anything on this earth and would take a bullet for them without question. I also think they are totally awesome, but I have no illusions about what shits they can be. Steve was great but he was no saint.
  • Customer rampages through French Apple Store, smashes iPhones, iMacs, MacBook Air

    Never mind the lack of rationale at least he was cool, eloquent, and well dressed. The French do vandalism with style!
  • Apple makes New York Magazine editor Lauren Kern 'editor in chief' at Apple News

    Please Apple be objective in the news filtering. There are no objective news sources anymore that I'm aware of, at least in the US. We have Fox News biased to the right, and everyone else biased to the left. The US desperately needs a source of unbiased information. (Especially since Trump is such a wild card; no one knows how to interpret what he does or says, so by default everyone seems to just interpret through their respective ideological lenses.)
    I agree that Fox News is biased to the right, but more than that they are just biased. It is a stretch calling it a 'news' site. But to say that EVERYONE ELSE is biased to the left is pretty ridiculous. There is nothing left wing about questioning the status quo. Some are more liberal with more of left leaning view, but none of the main news organizations qualify as 'left wing' by traditional standards. It is odd to hear people call Hilary Clinton or Barak Obama 'left wing'. They may be more liberal than some but hardly left wing. 

    Just as superficial comparison ...  Ronal Reagan was universally reviled by the left and Obama was universally reviled by the right.

    -Gave Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants
    -Negotiated with Terrorists (Traded Arms for Hostages with Iran)
    -Raised Taxes on a Large Scale Four Times (After Initially Lowering Them)
    -Negotiated with the “Evil Empire” without Pre-conditions
    -Made a Decision to “Cut and Run” From Lebanon After Our Troops Were Attacked

    -Escalated the Afghanistan War (Added 30,000 More Troops)
    -Has Ordered Drone Strikes (Assassinations) on US Citizens Outside the Country
    -Gave Drug Companies Near Monopoly Power by Barring Imports, Extending Patents and Not Allowing the Government to Negotiate Better Prices
    -Funneled Billions into the Biggest Banks in the Country After They Crashed the Economy
    -Stacked Deficit Commission with Fiscal Conservatives
    -Lowered Taxes Significantly (Stimulus Bill)
    -Ordered Increased Offshore Drilling Before BP Spill

    It is safe to say we are a product of our time :) (and also that the right has shifted further to the right in quite a dramatic fashion)
  • Apple buys two Cupertino city center office buildings for $290M

    Actually, Apple has *tons* of office space in Cupertino. They're definitely not just in Apple Park and the Infinite Loop campus. If you ever drive around Cupertino, you'll see so many Apple logos outside of (seemingly) every office building that you'll think you're driving through apple orchards.
    Apple should just buy Greenland. 
  • House antitrust chair calls Apple App Store fees 'highway robbery'

    30% has always seemed on the high side and it has been controversial since day one. I don't know what the costs are but we do know Apple makes shedloads of money and it would make sense (to me), for Apple to share some of the spoils with the creative people who help make the platform so successful by lowering the prices. 
  • Apple, Prepear enter settlement negotiations over fruit logo trademark

    Yeah - back out gracefully Apple, while there is still time. Nobody would mistake the two nor does the pear shape in anyway diminish the value of the Apple logo. Total overkill. 
  • Apple TV with camera and built-in HomePod speaker reportedly in the works

    I love this idea. I often use my HomePod for better tv audio. An Apple TV soundbar w camera makes sense to me. As for the Robotic arm, not so much. The day Apple includes a robotic arm on any of their products we'll know something has gone awry. Unless Apple decides to make a toaster, of course :)