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  • Will Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro take a chunk out of Microsoft Windows?

    Good opinion but totally irrelevant. You're reading it all wrong.

    Apple did not position the iPad Pro as a Windows PC replacement.

    There was a slide saying "Ultimate PC replacement" but prior to that slide Phil Schiller said "...many of them [windows users] will find that it's their ultimate PC replacement". See the keynote movie at 46:30.

    What is wrong with that?

    Many of them... If you knowingly or unknowingly disregard that "many of them" part, you're just mixing-up everything.
    I believe Schiller was referring to the basic stuffs these 600m PC users are using their PCs for namely answering emails, surfing the net, participate in social media etc. The heavy lifting work is still done on the desktops and laptops running the full OS.
  • Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7" iPad Pro

    reflows said:
    Apple is making hardware that's closer and closer to what I'm hoping for - but missing the boat. I am a Mac enthusiast, but the use case for the iPad pro is in conference rooms and meetings. That's where the surface is dominating. In a meeting you need access to a real file system, and when you have the iPad propped up like a monitor, you're in laptop mode and need a mouse or trackpad. (It would be easy to turn my iPhone into a trackpad for that purpose). Steve Jobs was the one who said nobody wants to be reaching up to touch a vertical touch screen, and he was right. Apple is being uncharacteristically ideological, placing the focus on what a touch-based system is "supposed" to do instead of matching the user's needs. When I've got an iPad horizontal I touch it and want to use a pen on it, but when it's facing me vertically with a screen in front, *I'm* in laptop mode and the device should match the use, not some ideologically driven preconception of what touch-based systems should do. If they focused on what I need in a conference room I'll buy it, but everyone else at work is on the Surface now and I may succumb - because it uses a real file system and has a trackpad.
    At that distance you don't need a track pad or a mouse and Steve Jobs was talking about the desktop.
    But at the end of the day if you think you are being disadvantage then get something which you think will make you work easier.
    You don't have to use an iPad even though it is the future, the mobile future.
    Oh, the surface is a laptop so why not use a macbook it has everything you need in your conference room including the trackpad and mouse you missed in an iPad
  • Hands on: Apple takes aim at PC users with 9.7" iPad Pro

    I'm afraid to stress that iPads including the Pro are the worst business devices you can ever think of. The iPad Pro still has only one port, has no file explorer, cannot run desktop softwares, no USB, lacks expandable or portable storage management, and lacks support for mouse input, etc etc. Perhaps more troubling for enterprise users is for better or for worse the lack of Active X support in the mobile version of Safari or support for legacy softwares. The limitations are just too many. A couple of days ago, I asked a client of mine to download his company bank statements in pdf and email as an attachment and guess what happened, his iPad kept sending links instead which could not be opened because of online banking security. I also tried it to no avail. I finally gave him my Surface pro 3 and guess what - it was as easy as ABC. It further confirmed that iPads are pretty useless as business tools - except if your job involves browsing, reading and writing articles. People are now realising that slapping a keyboard on an oversized iPad doesn’t turn Apple’s iOS-powered tablet into a real productivity device. Calling it “Pro” does not change the fact that it's still a tablet running a mobile phone OS, thereby suffering from the same software and hardware limitations that relegate most iPads to consumption devices. The only true "Pro" devices out there are Windows 10-based hybrids as they run both tablet and desktop apps. As long as the iPad Pro runs iOS, it'll never be a PC replacement for most people.
    So the banking security is the fault of the made me
  • Apple culture hinders recruitment and talent retention efforts, report says

    Come to think of it was this guy let go by google because his work attitude sucks.
  • Apple grants widow access to husband's Apple ID after demanding court order

    bluefire1 said:
    Apple received the man's will, death certificate and verbal confirmation from his wife. If his will stipulates that everything goes to his wife and/or daughter, that should include his digital legacy. There's also something here that Apple somehow forgot about: it's called compassion.
    If you are one of those people whose accounts had been compromised, you would think differently.