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  • Apple TV+ 'Dickinson' not shying away from sex in NYC premiere

    tadd said:
    "It's also clear that the show won't be shying away from the belief among most historians that Dickinson had a long-running same-sex romantic relationship with her sister-in-law, Susan Gilbert. "

    Most historians?  MOST??      I suggest "some"   or "historians who are interested in Dickinson" or something that qualifies this...    Is that contemporary English speaking historians?    Perhaps even naming the historians would be nice.  
    I suspect that the number of historians who are interested in the sex life of Emily Dickinson is fairly small. And those who are probably approach it with preconceived biases. And who really cares? 
  • Apple disputes allegations that Apple TV+ trial will drive down stock price

    mike1 said:
    Curious whether I could effectively never pay for the service since my wife and I are on alternating, 2-year upgrade cycles for phones. Assuming, of course the 1-year promo continues. Hmm.
    The free offer is unlikely to last forever. 
  • New iPhone 11 Pro delivery times already starting to slip

    I overslept, so I was about an hour late getting started. The Midnight Green Pro 256GB I wanted was already sold out everywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The closest availability was in Tulsa. Online availability was Oct 10-15. The only color still available in the DFW area was Johnny Ives Refrigerator White. 

    [Oops. I just realized that was silver, not white.]

    I checked the Pro Max with similar results. 

    I was about to give up, then I decided to try the 512GB and found one Midnight Green Pro 512 GB was still available at the North Park Apple Store in Dallas. 

    I didn’t bother checking 64GB models because that’s too small for my needs. 
  • New iPhone 11 Pro delivery times already starting to slip

    Ordered the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 256, in Green. AT&T receipt says delivers September 19th? Cool if I get it early, but I need to know what day to take off of work. I know from years past, that Fedex and UPS have an embargo on when they can deliver the devices, so, I should go with my gut feeling, and knowledge, but people have also gotten devices early, in the past. 
    It looks like Apple will be delivering some phones on the 19th. When I ordered mine, there was an option to pick it up at the Dallas Galleria on either the 19th or 20th (although there were no time slots still available on the 19th). 
  • Here's why Apple didn't win with a $500 million offer to J.J. Abrams for Apple TV+

    Good. “Lens Flare” Abrams is a hack.