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  • Tom Hanks disappointed with Apple TV+ 'Greyhound' release

    mtriviso said:
    Sigh. Just open the movie theaters. There's nothing like watching a movie in a massive IMAX 3D theater. If people are frightened they might get the rona, then just stay at home. Please, just let the rest of us who are unafraid enjoy what our acting troupes have to offer in the milieu to which we have become accustomed. 
    “The rest of who are afraid to go a few weeks without visiting a movie theater or a hair salon and don’t care how many Americans die from the virus we spread.”

    There, I fixed it for you. 

  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    benji888 said:
    As in this lawsuit, I have a problem with apps being designed to be addictive, especially for children.

    And I have a problem with people who have no medical training misused words like “addictive” to suit their own political agenda, or their desire to line their pockets without doing any work. 
  • Apple sued for allowing loot boxes in App Store

    benji888 said:
    I’m glad for this lawsuit and I hope it makes headway!!!

    I hate this free app, but have to buy loot boxes (or something else) to get anywhere in the game. Words with friends has even taken this on, wish it had a non-cheat mode so I can just play the game with other non-cheaters...I don’t know if someone is beating me because they are good at it or because they use the cheats.
    Poor dear. Who forced you to buy it?

    Hundreds of thousands are dead from Covid-19, people are protesting about legalized murder, and a major concern in your life is the fear that someone might be cheating in a video game? 

  • Doubts raised over 'iPhone 13' quad-camera rumor

    Very high megapixel cameras on cellphones are a poor engineering trade off. I can’t see Apple making that mistake. 
  • XCode may be coming to the iPhone and iPad very soon

    My first thought was that the idea of doing programming on an iPhone is dumb. 

    My second thought was that I could see some cowboy programmer doing a quick fix to existing code during a cab ride to the airport.

    My third thought was that such “on the go” modifications would probably break more code than they fixed.