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  • Expedia chairman attacks Apple's 'disgusting' 30% commission fee

    It’s funny how they like to call Apple out about the 30%, acting like the other app stores don’t do the EXACT same thing 
    Exactly, the other app download stores on android charge the exact same 30% (because all they know is to copy Apple), yet where is Diller’s outrage, why isn’t he calling those stores’ commissions “disgusting”?

    Why isn’t he calling Expedia’s 20%-25% commission “disgusting”?

    Someone should suggest to the government to investigate Dillers’ business’ “disgusting” commission structures.
  • Apple Watch Support for Bike+ cut back due to GymKit implementation issues, says Peloton

    I wouldn't call Apple Music nothing. 
    I also don't think they have missed out on anything when it comes to Nest, Ring or Waze. But please do the financial breakdown for me. As for Spotify, something has to be for sale for Apple to buy it and there is no indication Spotify is looking for someone to purchase it. 
    Here we go again - I understand that there will always be fanbois that believe that Apple can never make any mistakes, ever... 

    In the case of Apple Music, Apple spent $3 billion dollars, and turned that into a sub-par streaming music service that has to nearly constantly spam iOS users to beg for subscribers, isn’t capable of mirroring the simplest features of Spotify, and isn’t worth $10/mo (I finally had to delete the Music app from all of my devices to stop it from being disruptive). For far less than $3 billion, Apple could have developed the same app - they paid $3 billion for Jimmy Iovine, and then let him leave after not using any of the Music resources Beats had - namely, the Beats Music app was brilliant, and I originally thought that is what was the become Apple Music. None of Beats Music was being used.

    As for Waze - yes, you’re right, Apple Maps was always flawless and absolutely didn’t need any infrastructure assistance (that’s sarcasm, by the way). I guess that’s why Apple licensed Waze for as long as it did, because they don’t need it (the license is still active, but will expire soon).

    Finally, as for Nest and Ring - absolutely no advantage to Apple to have had devices inside and around every home, and a footprint in the most essential components of a smartHome. Nope, no advantages at all - especially since they could have bought Nest, Ring and Waze for less than $3 billion, with lots of change left over ... and HomeKit would now be firmly established in all the homes that have Nest thermostats and ring doorbells and cameras.

    A lot of these failures originated with different executives within Apple that pushed their own agendas rather than what’s good for Apple - the most notable example being Jony Ive, who very nearly dragged Apple down, until he finally was fired... and the recovery was quite obvious since that happened. Tim Cook deserves accolade for recovering from the Jony Fiasco, but sadly Nest, Ring and Waze are permanent losses, since that have all been purchased by aggressive competitors that are now busy eating Apple’s lunch in the smart home field.
  • Apple Watch Support for Bike+ cut back due to GymKit implementation issues, says Peloton

    Beats said:
    Apple should have bought them long ago it may be too late now. 
    Apple should have bought Waze a long time ago. 
    Apple should have bought Spotify a long time ago. 
    Apple should have bought Nest a long time ago. 
    Apple should have bought Ring a long time ago.

    Instead, Apple bought Beats - and got nothing in return.

    Apple’s history in terms of missing the boat on big-picture acquisitions is legendary - most of those misses were driven by executives protecting their positions, instead of looking at the best future of Apple.
  • Review: iPhone SE is the definition of affordable smartphone power

    Yeah, I get that it’s “a good deal” but you get (or don’t get in this case) what you pay for. Sorry, but Touch ID/home button, no Face ID, small battery, and large top/bottom bezels among other things are ancient history, and should be retired. Not all of us have the eyesight of a teenager anymore. My XS max fits my pocket fine. And if it didn’t, the X/Xs would. The best part is that we won’t be hearing the nauseating SE rumors for another 4 yrs again.
    Maybe it fits your pocket, but it certainly doesn’t fit most people’s pocketbooks, and that is one of the reasons why so many people stayed away from Jony’s boondoggle of the X-series iPhones - the damn pricing and the lack of TouchID and Home Button - if you feel that’s ancient technology’s, get ready to eat crow by the time the iPhone 13 rolls around.
  • Laurene Powell Jobs talks philanthropy & Steve Jobs in rare interview

    Α bored billionaire's widow who consider herself philanthropist. Superyacht & yoga, jets & natural foods, mansions' collection & dozen of charitable initiatives. Her husband's company stole tens of billions of taxes from Europe countries and make the widow billionaire. The stolen money will return in the society as a charity by the noble lady, when she isn't busy buying or building new mansions, find new crews for super yacht and jets, organize new cruises around the world. She's a very busy philanthropist.
    Oh, please, do shut up with your nonsense.