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  • Buyers complain of burn-in on iPhone 15 Pro Max display

    MplsP said:
    JFC_PA said:
    I’d expect a display timer set to “never” plus max brightness would lead to that. Physics just rules. 
    chasm said:
    I see a *lot* of users who have their screen set WAY too bright AND appear to have turned off display sleep entirely, sticking this giant expensive glow stick back into their pocket or bag with nary a thought.

    One fellow stuck his phone (screen still on) in his back pocket on a walk I was also on. I was behind him for 15 minutes and his screen was visible from a block away the entire time. This will, of course, also happen to Android users who override the default screen dimming settings.

    This may be but I’d expect users aren’t suddenly changing their use patterns from what they did prior. Unless they have, the question remains: Why are iPhone 15’s suddenly having problems?
    They aren’t, but it sure does make for a nice headline to compete against whatever is on the news cycle atm. 
  • Apple plans to update iPhones in-store without opening the boxes

    What are they thinking? I’m just waiting for someone to hack this process and then to be able to jailbreak our phones without us knowing about it. 
    And said hacker is going to be unnoticed while keeping your phone touching his hacking pad during said hack?
  • Apple Vision Pro has 100Hz refresh rate to combat flickering lights

    How about those of us with 60hz power 
  • Drop test shows iPhone 15 Pro Max glass no more fragile than other premium phones

    The larger the surface area at the same thickness, the weaker it will be compared to the same thickness with a smaller surface area. That’s just physics. No one will ever overcome that. 

    A pro max, as tough as it is, will not resist bending or breaking as well as a regular sized pro. 

    Even with titanium and Corning glass, It’s an expensive computer. Treat it like one. 
    This exactly. It’s not like those youtubers subject their laptops to a drop test
  • Europe asks if Digital Markets Act should apply to iMessage

    I’d argue that WhatsApp’s popularity is because iMessage doesn’t have android compatibility. That’s the only reason i have it. Too many people in my circle on android.