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  • Apple on iPhone 15 Pro: 'The best game console is the one you have with you'

    'The best game console is the one you have with you'

    So the Switch then?
  • Meta's 11,000 job cuts may be only the beginning

    Oh well, here’s hoping the rest of Meta is let go too. 
  • Netflix now features an external subscription button on iOS

    jimh2 said:
    How are they going to pay their fair share? No one rides for free. 
    Apple will get 1st option to buy Netflix at the conclusion of the streamer wars
  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    crowley said:
    williamh said:
    crowley said:
    rob53 said:
    EU is a dictatorship, plain and simple. At this point Apple needs to seriously tell the EU to GTH. The US needs to triple import duties on EU goods effectively shutting the EU down. The US should also reduce exports to the EU and cut off any financial support. 
    Weird how the EU dictatorship has so many elections.  
    Calling the EU a dictatorship seems way overblown, but still, when did the European public get to vote for the EU Council president?  European Commission president?  How about the European parliament president?  That's right, there aren't public elections for those positions.  

    So?  The Commission President and the Parliament President are elected by the Parliament, who are elected by the public.  The Council President is elected by the heads of state of all the members, who have also been elected by the public.

    That's representative democracy, even if it's not direct democracy.

    Then there’s the elephant in the room where the US President isn’t actually elected by the US public as a whole but a slate of electors.
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  • Lock screen, Apple Music changes now expected for iOS 17

    Skeptical said:
    Another rumor about a meaningless feature. Surprise, surprise. 
    Meaningless for you perhaps. Are you so narcissistic that you believe only you know what is meaningful for everyone?
  • EU tells Apple to open everything up to its rivals

    georgie01 said:
    mknelson said:
    jdgaz said:
    Now I completely understand why England left the EU. 
    The con by Nigel Farage and his buddies? In the UK today Brexit is widely considered to be a failure. Even Nigel has said that.
    If Brexit is a failure it’s not because it is a failure, it would be because people who didn’t want it made it a failure. If the country had just embraced it and gone along with it, whether they wanted it or not, it would have been quite a success and the UK would be reaping the benefits already and the EU would be less powerful. But the stupid games of globalist politicians and their manipulation of the public has made it a lot worse.

    Still workable though, but the public can’t keep rejecting it.
    Oh really? So the EU should just open up the common market to 3rd countries to be nice?
  • Apple Vision Pro has 100Hz refresh rate to combat flickering lights

    How about those of us with 60hz power 
  • Mac Studio 2023 review: You probably want this, and not the Mac Pro

    Probably this is common knowledge, but why has Apple made so much Not user upgradable? Is it to sell more new machines ? Is it to eliminate technical problems when users upgrade? Conceptually, I want more control of the thing I pay thousands for. 
    Well you now have the option to pay thousands more to get that internal storage upgradeability in the form of the Pro
  • Crappy situation: Woman dives into outhouse muck to fetch Apple Watch

    Missed the Darwin Award nomination by that much. 
  • Apple's AirTag helps a magician find his lost bag at Newark airport

    mayfly said:
    This was not a "case" of incompetence. This was a baggage handler hoping to sell some sound equipment he got for free. This happens thousands of times every year. And they do it with the collusion of apathetic, incompetent and/or involved customer service agents.

    Agent: "No, your bag is not in Newark."
    You: "There's an AirTag on it, and here it is, at gate 90."
    Agent: "There's nothing I can do. When we find it, we'll return it to you."
    You: "Thanks for nothing."

    Then you cram your rage down deep inside, because you know the alternative will end up with you in jail. Our luggage has been lost by airlines 7 times! And once it was stolen off the carousel. It's how we discovered the joy (and fun) of domestic train travel. It takes longer, but it's like riding a bicycle instead of driving. You see your country up close. You can get up and walk around any time you please, and there is always coffee hot and ready for you. A first class sleeper has 10 times the room of an economy seat on a plane, costs about the same, and has real food at mealtime, in a dining car with real tablecloths, china and flatware. In addition, you share your table with another couple and get to know someone new, sometimes become friends. The waiting room is spacious (in our Union Station in Chicago) and has comfortable easy chairs and sofas, and snacks and drinks! There is no TSA rifling through your underwear, and Amtrak has never misplaced our bags. Ever.

    I accept that it's not suitable for everyone, not even always for us. But if you're traveling in North America for leisure, just try it once. You'll be hooked for life.
    The international version aka ocean liners unfortunately are no longer a thing