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  • Apple Vision Pro has 100Hz refresh rate to combat flickering lights

    How about those of us with 60hz power 
  • EU tells Apple to open everything up to its rivals

    georgie01 said:
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    jdgaz said:
    Now I completely understand why England left the EU. 
    The con by Nigel Farage and his buddies? In the UK today Brexit is widely considered to be a failure. Even Nigel has said that.
    If Brexit is a failure it’s not because it is a failure, it would be because people who didn’t want it made it a failure. If the country had just embraced it and gone along with it, whether they wanted it or not, it would have been quite a success and the UK would be reaping the benefits already and the EU would be less powerful. But the stupid games of globalist politicians and their manipulation of the public has made it a lot worse.

    Still workable though, but the public can’t keep rejecting it.
    Oh really? So the EU should just open up the common market to 3rd countries to be nice?
  • Apple on iPhone 15 Pro: 'The best game console is the one you have with you'

    'The best game console is the one you have with you'

    So the Switch then?
  • Base iPhone 15 models will get 48 megapixel cameras, says Kuo

    accsmobi said:
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    accsmobi said:
    This weird obssesion,this fetish with bigger and bigger cameras on phones, with truckloads of megapixels,just to take a pic of your cat,or a sloppy selfie, is getting out of hand already . 

    The camera on the original iPhone SE was more than enough. But nooo,snob teenagers want moar ,moar! 
    With respect, I disagree. The quality of photos from an iPhone really started being "good" from around the iPhone 6S and up, at least in my opinion. I have taken thousands of photos of my children growing up and of course I'll continue to take thousands more.

    In the future, when I look back, I'll appreciate the extra quality that I got with each upgrade (roughly every 4 years for me). Comparing the pictures from my iPhone 4S to my iPhone 14 Pro Max is simply a night and day difference. Yes, the original iPhone SE had a pretty decent camera. But it cannot hold a candle to my current phone.
    Well,ofc its a big difference ,those devices are many years apart. What I meant is that imo,the cameras became sufficient years ago,for our ocasional cat,Dog,child,tree,selfie photos . 

    If I need more professional,I still have a Canon nearby . I want my phone to be slim,suple,with amazing battery,lightweight. Not covered on cameras and punch holes. 

    Smartphones should be in essence ,mini portable computers. How many laptops or iPad/tablets have you seen with 3,4,5 cameras ? 

    Still I got myself a Pro Max, cause I like the quality and the ecosystem. But its bulky and heavy . 
    Are you suggesting that the cameras should not be improved then? That’s very luddite of you. 
    king editor the gratewilliamlondon
  • Mac Studio 2023 review: You probably want this, and not the Mac Pro

    Probably this is common knowledge, but why has Apple made so much Not user upgradable? Is it to sell more new machines ? Is it to eliminate technical problems when users upgrade? Conceptually, I want more control of the thing I pay thousands for. 
    Well you now have the option to pay thousands more to get that internal storage upgradeability in the form of the Pro