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  • March iPad & Mac releases may not get a flashy event after all

    Like I said in other posts, skip M3.
    Why I’m still on A12X. An M3 would be a huge upgrade. 
  • Apple and Meta's latest fight is over social media boosted post fees on iPhone

    chasm said:
    longfang said:
    Meta doesn’t have to use IAP. 
    They do if people want to pay for a boost within the app. Them's the rules.

    Meta's free to offer boosts on their own site, but through the FB app they have to pay Apple.

    I notice that FB doesn't do the obvious thing and discount boosts by 30 percent lF they buy them from the FB site ... hmmmm ... seems like an obvious way to attract buyers to use the site rather than the app ... wonder why they don't do that? :wink: 

    So it’s not a requirement to use IAP they just want to utilize it for the extra sales without abiding by the conditions of doing so. Aka having their cake and eating it too. So screw FB. 
  • Apple and Meta's latest fight is over social media boosted post fees on iPhone

    pascal007 said:
    I’m not a Meta fan, in no way shape or form. But I have a hard time finding a tear for Apple’s dramatic stance. If Apple thinks that managing fees has a cost, then they should simply stop requiring that developers use their transactional platform. Less use, less transactions, less costs overall. Stop forcing developers to use Apple transactional platform and leave reimbursements to the developers. The current system doesn’t adequately protect customers anyway as abusive developers still manage to charge abusive fees without Apple even batting an eye. 
    Meta doesn’t have to use IAP. 
  • Apple blames new law for why progressive web apps don't work right in the EU

    chadbag said:
    Law of unintended consequences.  

    Only unintended by the average Eurocrat. 
  • Kanye West's 'Vultures 1' briefly pulled from Apple Music after distributor drama

    pjohnt said:
    3 very sick men are eating up 75% of the daily news cycle. West, Musk, Trump. The media is 100% to blame for giving these horrific men the pulpits to spread their hate, non-sense, and pure evil. Those of you caught up in their nets are inexcusable sycophants. At some point these hitlar-ian voices must crumble from the weight of their own insanity and hopefully take their follower with them.
    Musk evil?  You don't have to like the guy but I'm not sure how you could possibly think he's somehow an evil person.  That's insane 
    Just cause he chucks cylindrical objects into earth orbit doesn’t mean he can’t also be an evil man. 
    He has gone out of his way to vilify someone for pointing out the absurdity of his “rescue” torpedo the way Donald went after the central park 5.  That qualifies him as being on the evil side.