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  • Apple won't license Masimo's patents despite Apple Watch import ban

    Stupid decision. 

    Apple stole the tech. They may as well either license or buy the company. My gosh. 

    The blood oxygen sensor matters. 

    Apple expects to just cut a feature everyone expects and no one will care? LOL. UPGRADERS WILL CARE.  So will new customers who’ve knoen about it. It just makes the watch and future watches look like a downgrade. 

    “Apple watch Ultra. Now in a little less Ultra.” 
    Not such a great tagline. 
    You have proof that they stole the tech? 
  • Apple won't license Masimo's patents despite Apple Watch import ban

    MAU47 said:
    The blood oxygen monitoring feature was a major reason for many people worldwide buying Apple watch. If the feature were disabled, or not available on future watchOS update, can they get a refund?

    Why would they? They aren't losing the feature. Only applies to new sales.
    And only new sales in the US
  • 'Strong action' is coming if the EU doesn't like Apple's App Store concessions

    rax_mark said:
    The EU, unlike the US, believes in the spirit of the law, instead of the word of the law, Apple should have realised that.

    Apple cannot win this one by using legal loopholes. I suspect if this continues we may see one of two possibilities:-

    I) Apple exits the EU.
    II) The EU bans Apple within its borders.

    I suspect Apple doesn't want to give up the European market to Samsung and Google, so the first one is highly dependent on whether Apple can still get a profit with side loading existing.

    Also, it is possible that other countries implement a DMA equivalent law (Japan is already in the process of doing so) so exiting markets will be shooting themselves in the foot.

    One thing is sure, the next decade will be different for Apple than the previous one.
    Spirit of the law in the US? So tell me what the spirit of the book ban laws was?
  • Apple to sell Apple Watch with blood oxygen detection removed to bypass ITC import ban

    danox said:
    eriamjh said:
    Let’s just hope that Apple doesn’t repeat this of they ever get glucose monitoring working.  

    I would expect blood oxygen to return in Watch 10 or 11.  

    All of the existing medical companies will sue no matter what, the biggest mistake Apple made was hiring people from an existing company. Don't do it even it it saves you two years of R&D. The old line medical equipment companies won't go down without a fight.

    Let them fight. If it works for Godzilla it should work for corporate giants too. 

  • Apple to sell Apple Watch with blood oxygen detection removed to bypass ITC import ban

    elijahg said:
    Apple is being absurd. The amount they will lose in sales likely amounts to more than the amount they'd have to pay to license the patents especially if you include the legal fees. They'd rather jilt their own customers than pay a fee for what appears to be a fairly cut-and-dry case - and in the future potentially sell watches with sub-par blood oxygen detection because they don't want to pay. I wonder if the non-blood oxygen watches will have the feature switched back on if Apple pays in the future, or if Apple can come up with a software workaround?

    They rightfully got royally pissed off that Samsung ripped off the early iPhones so blatantly, but when they rip off someone else it's fine?

    I have lost respect for Apple over this.
    I otoh have gained a lot of respect for Apple. They have shown a willingness to fight for what they believe to be right instead of rolling over it order to make it easier. As to who ripped off who, that’s a question for the courts to decide.