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  • Hands on: Tighten up the creep of Menubar apps in macOS with Bartender 3

    Are you at all OCD? Get it, you’ll be happier.  :)
    HA!  That's so true.
    Bartender and BetterTouchTool are two of my must-have Mac apps.  I've been using Bartender since v1 was in beta.  It was great then and it's only gotten better.
  • iPhone owners aren't upgrading to iPhone X due to price, lack of exciting features, survey...

    I would have bought an iPhone X on launch day if it had the Display Zoom feature.  Sadly, it doesn't (yet).

    In case you're not familiar, I'm not talking about zooming.  I'm specifically referring to the option in settings at 
    Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom.  Display Zoom makes an iPhone screen scale down to the next smaller model, which gives you less screen real estate but makes everything comfortably larger.  Basically, it turns an 8 Plus into a jumbo 8, and it turns an 8 into a jumbo SE.  For people with poor vision, that feature is phenomenal.

    I expect the X line of iPhones to get the Display Zoom feature back once Apple releases a Plus (and SE?) model, at which point I'm buying one.
  • How to play anything on your HomePod, including vinyl records, with Airfoil and a Mac

    Airfoil is a fantastic app.  I bought it last year and my only regret is not buying it a long time ago.

    For me, the best thing about Airfoil is that it has support for Applescript - which means - you can automate it in all kinds of ways.

    I created a simple Applescript app that turns on the Wemo connected to the amp for my stereo and starts streaming iTunes to those speakers. And when the Applescript app quits, the Wemo gets turned off and iTunes switches back to playing on my Mac.  Then, I created another Applescript to toggle the Wemo-stereo app and I assigned it to a hotkey at Option F10.  So, Option F10 turns on my stereo and starts streaming if it's off, and it turns it off & stops streaming if it's already on.  And since that Applescript app is an app, it means I have an app icon in my dock when my stereo is on.  For me, that's really handy as a reminder to turn it off when I'm not using it (by quitting the app).

    Airfoil is awesome.  It's definitely worth its price.
  • Review: LIFX Mini takes on Philips with Apple HomeKit

    I'll add another positive vote for Hue over LIFX.  If you're handy with code, you can write your own for Hue using the Hue API which is open and documented.  It's pretty awesome.  I programmed the brightness keys on my Mac Mini's keyboard to control my Hue.  With an if/then statement for each applescript, each key is a toggle between two scenes (two bright scenes on one key and two ambiance scenes on the other).

    I'm a big fan of Hue.

    evilution said:
    I don’t want to carry a phone around with me in the house or have to ask Siri to turn lights on and off.
    My thoughts exactly.  I'm using a Flirc usb IR receiver with a Raspberry Pi to program Hue into my universal remote (I used to use Flirc and my Mac for this too, but a few months ago, I bought a $35 Pi for my entertainment center.  It's a slick setup).
  • How to customize Philips Hue Dimmer Switches to control any Apple HomeKit devices

    I've been using Hue since 2013 and I love it.  The Hue API is open and well documented, so you can do all kinds of things with it if you're someone who likes to tinker.  For example, back in 2013, I realized I had an old white Apple Remote sitting around, unused, so I whipped up some Applescripts to reassign the remote buttons to control my Hue (the arrow buttons trigger scenes, Play/Pause is ON with a bright scene, and menu is OFF.  Then, I taught my universal remote the Apple remote buttons.  I've had Hue on my universal remote for years and it's been flawless.

    Hue is a fantastic system.