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  • Adobe takes on iMovie with Project Rush, a powerful cross-device video editing app for cre...

    Interesting perspectives on subscriptions. I understand the resistance, but the Adobe products are updated and improved at a much more regular basis, introducing and making available features immediately. I do think it's time they make their subscriptions much more flexible, but as I've timidly began to engage in some of them, I've found that subscription-based software has many advantages in practice. I personally enjoy supporting the type of software I really use on a regular basis, and software based on a subscription model feels so much more secure over time and flexible to the changing hardware and operating system features. It's just that subscription supported developers can focus on features that are really useful to their customers even when they aren't flashy, and they don't feel pressure to make big marketable features and keep changes and benefits that could be useful today stored away as an important bullet for the big release, next year or later. Again, my problem with Adobe subscriptions is that the mostly want to sell the value of all their software together which is not the best for everyone.
  • A look at the iPad-specific features in iOS 12

    I love these succinct video articles from appleinsider. They take quite a bit of discipline and they are becoming my favorite part of the site, I think.
  • A look at the iPad-specific features in iOS 12

    Trackpad cursor mode looks like an interesting feature. I wonder if it's related to the various DF articles and pontifications about iPad needing more work on focus or mouse capabilities.

    Trackpad mode on the iPad is an old feature. This new addition is just using a single finger hold on the keyboard and I like it. The problem, of course, is that there is no way to do this with a third party keyboard and that's what John Gruber is interested in and he's not the only one. It might seem odd to have a trackpad on a physical keyboard for an iPad considering it is built for touch input, but if it could control text selection only and I think plenty of people would buy one. Would be a great time saver. Maybe Apple is hoping to perfect some sort of touch surface physically morphable keyboard surface. :P
  • How to transfer DVD and Blu-ray movies to iTunes using Vudu and Movies Anywhere

    Or you can just use Mac dvd ripper and handbrake and covert your disc’s yourself and not have to pay the fee...Smh
    Not sure why you’re shaking your head. I mean, you can do this, but why go for something so time-consuming for such a worse payoff. This solution gives you on-demand movies on all your devices, no wait, and no server to manage, or extra storage to buy, and gives you a way to get higher resolution versions than you own, to boot.
  • Tile unveils new Pro Series Sport and Style iPhone-connected Bluetooth trackers

    Glad to see the upfront information on the battery life and how disposable these are. It's an interesting value proposition that I was unaware of when gifting these to some people in their first year of sales. It felt like a con-job when the Tiles died and there was no way to charge them or cheaply swap batteries. At the same time, one of the people we gifted it to recovered an expensive item that covered the cost of all of them, I think. These should continue to improve but I hope they find a way to do it with less waste over time.