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  • Mac malware jumps more than 60% in three months, massive uptick in adware

    dewme said:
    The way the article is worded makes it sound like MacKeeper, MacBooster, and MplayerX are also malware. Is this true?
    Yes, in a manner of speaking. MacKeeper, for one, use to send back loads of system information to a server WITHOUT user permission, warning or input. Whether the same is true now or is true of MacBooster or MplayerX I cannot say with certainty as I no longer use or have use for any of them.
  • Can Apple's HomePod take on a surround sound theater system?

    Just wondering, instead of Youtube and Net flex, why didn't you play a rented or purchased movie from Apple's iTunes store, or stream a from iTunes from a Mac? Would this have made a difference in volume and controls?
  • Tesla unveils new Semi with a 500 mile range, Roadster that can hit 250 miles per hour

    AppleInsider said:

    New Tesla Roadster
    According to Musk, the new Roadster will be "the fastest production car ever made, period." Little else is known as far as concrete details at this point -- but the car will finish a quarter mile from a stop in 8.9 seconds.

    The vehicle has four seats for passengers. Pricing for it is not yet available.
    Ummmm, by definition, a roadster (Spider or Spyder) is an OPEN (topless) two-seat vehicle, which now includes convertibles, but not cabriolets. This picture is of a four-seat coupe, not a roadster. If Musk thinks this is a roadster, or is redesigning the roadster into a coupe, then I suggest not getting on his spaceship to Mars as you may wind up on the wrong planet.
  • NAB calls for activation of iPhone FM radio feature Apple says does not exist

    If the NAB wants an FM radio in the hands of all disaster victims, they should prod FEMA to put a small FM radio with earphones and batteries in every disaster kit delivered to the disaster area. Open the radio, slap in the batteries, plug in the earbuds, then turn on and tune! Walmart sells them for less than $10, which means they actually cost $1 or less to make, and will cost the government less than $100 to include in each kit; including bribes and kickbacks. /s
  • Spanish media claims iPhone 6 with Secure Enclave unlocked by Cellebrite in course of inve...

    78Bandit said:
    I didn't think the 5C used secure enclave as was stated in the article. I thought that only started with the 5S models that had Touch ID. I have my serious doubts that iPhone 6 encryption can be cracked for only $2,000. A much more likely scenario is the mother knew the daughter's PIN and that was used to access the data mirrored from the recovered phone.
    The article did not say that the encryption was cracked. It intimated that Cellbrite used NAND mirroring to decipher the 6-digit access code, which can be done in hours, not years. Once the 6-digit code is known, the phone's contents are 'unlocked' and can be read, but the encryption is still in place.

    If the person had use the optional 'Custom Alphanumeric Code,' Cellubrite may still be trying.