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  • Apple's brawny 5G iPhone family will require larger, pricey motherboards

    Apple's first 5G iPhones are expected to rip movies, emails and photos down from the cloud at record speeds

    No, they really aren't. Carriers don't have the bandwidth, even if they nominally claim they have "5G" networks...

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  • Spotify says subscriber growth now doubles Apple Music

    I don't see how Spotify's metrics are relevant.

    For one, everybody (including Apple) knows that Apple Music is 90% for the Apple ecosystem users.

    Those, if one includes all macOS/iOS users, are still much smaller compared to Android and Windows users.

    And Apple doesn't much care about those others (even if they will e.g. make a client for Android, like they have a Windows iTunes).

    So I don't think Apple expects to get the non-iOS/macOS part of the market, and thus doesn't expect to ever be larger than someone that does...
  • Developer of BlueMail sues Apple over 'Sign in with Apple,' App Store 'monopoly'

    chadbag said:
    I am surprised that the patent for the hidden email bit was granted.  Such technology (or similar) can basically be had through simple email forwarding setups, which have been around forever.  

    I have my private Email, [email protected] and want to keep it hidden.   So I subscribe to an email service that sells forwarding addresses and buy [email protected]gmail.tld and have it forwarded to my private email.  I set my email client to have the from set to the forwarded address and voila.  

    Tech for that has been around for a long time. 
    The different is the fit-for-purpose, direct implementation. That you could achieve it manually by using a forwarding website is not the same.
  • Developer of BlueMail sues Apple over 'Sign in with Apple,' App Store 'monopoly'

    svanstrom said:
    Yet another person/group thinking that it must be someone else’s fault that they are not as successful as they think they should be. Like, can’t we all see how we would all love them if it weren’t for those pesky kids at Apple?  :D
    Well, if you have a patented technology, and a company infringes on it implementing something with the same mechanism, then that "person/group" is right.

    You could argue that patents are bad in general or something, but they exist, and are a legal part of business. Besides, this is not a patent troll with some BS portfolio, this is a company with an actual product AND a patent on this mechanism.  And Apple protects its patents fiercely as well.

    Would you just bend over backwards, take it in the ass, and surrender your prior work?

  • Developer of BlueMail sues Apple over 'Sign in with Apple,' App Store 'monopoly'

    An ever mounting pile of evidence that not only is the patent system totally buggered and rigged to be run by profiteering asshats, but also that most of the US is fucked up beyond recognition in terms of intelligence, or lack thereof.
    That pile exists. But this case seems pretty clear cut in favor of the accuser. They indeed had patented prior art, whether we like it or not.