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  • Actually, there is something new about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7

    hagar said:
    Thanks for pointing me to Joanna Stern's article on iPhone and AI in WSJ. I think she's spot on. The position of Apple on privacy is not a desirable one. If I look at my Android friends that are amazed by the AI delivered to their phone by Google & friends that analyse their data, I can't help but wonder how Apple will ever deliver something similar? 
    Nobody seems to care that Apple protects their privacy (it's a multinational too!) and Google not. They just want useful information delivered to them when they need it.

    Yeah, fuck privacy, just give me useless "You have a plane to catch in 3 hours" and "Do you want to buy Mountain Dew? You bought some last week and it should be consumed by now" notifications.
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  • 'Apple File System' will scale from Apple Watch to Macs, replace HFS+

    bitmod said:
    looking forward to all our clients wondering why they can't read their usb sticks at home or on older/other systems or pc's add nausea...
    Yeah, let's stay forever with a stale filesystem because else some users might annoy support departments...

    Besides USB sticks are usually FAT32 or xFAT as sold, and left at that in use.

    Very few people format their USB sticks as HFS+, and those that do are not the kind of users that will wonder why those formatted in a new FS wont be read by older computers.

  • No Lightning or USB-C in a future iPhone is a very bad idea

    qwwera said:
    I can’t wait. Charging cables have always been the worst part of phone ownership and wireless chargers work amazing. 
    The sooner the better.
    I wish you a painful death of your future port-less phone and the need to use a wired device with it.

  • Actually, there is something new about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7

    tomasulu said:
    So many words and still iphone 7 will be to iPhone 6s what iPhone 6s was to iPhone 6. Everything's improved but nothing will be really new and desirable.
    It will be desirable enough to move 100s of millions of units, and oversell any other smartphone model by a wide margin. Also "nothing will be really new and desirable" compared to what? The grass is greener ho-hum offering on the Android side, or some BS unrealistic idea? The main people who have a beef with "everything's improved" is people who seek shiny distractions.
    And we all knew how iPhone 6s turned out.
    Moving 170 million units -- and just failing to breaking Apple's previous record (which is also the overall record for every company selling smartphones ever)? Yeah, what a bad fate...
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  • Apple says Spotify 'wants all the benefits of a free app without being free'

    Just block Spotify entirely. That will kill it within 2-3 months.
  • Leaked screens show Siri in Apple's upcoming OS X 10.12 with always-on 'Hey Siri'

    knowitall said:
    welshdog said:
    It kinda was?

    Close, but no cigar.
    Thank you, Technically Correct Man!

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  • Conde Nast uses Apple's iPhone 7 Plus to shoot covers for 'Bon Appetit,' 'Traveler'

    Publisher Conde Nast is continuing to use the powerful camera of the iPhone 7 Plus to its advantage in important areas of its publications

    A more accurate description would be: "Publisher Conde Nast is continuing to use the powerful camera of the iPhone 7 Plus for no other reason than to get the free publicity that comes whenever some major outlet uses an iPhone for its photos/videos".

  • Another F for Alphabet: after abandoning Android tablets last year, Google retreats from C...

    cornchip said:
    It’s clear the market for tablets is evaporating. The Goog is just the first, and like dominoes clickety-clack Apple will have to retreat.

    Forever doomed.
    Every village needs an idiot.
  • Tim Cook being 'intrusive' to Hollywood in quest for family-friendly video fare

    Dave Kap said:
    Once again, sources said.. one person... one producer... or... the actual launch may not occur...

    I sure wish AppleInsider would stop running these ‘someone said” stories... or at least start them out with: the following article is not based on fact - just rumors or innuendo so people know what they are reading.

    Added: If these “producers” or people don’t like working with Apple then they should quit.  

    You must be new here. Appleinsider started and more or less remains an Apple rumors site. What do you think "Appleinsider" even means? It's because the site supposedly had "insider" sources, or good access to inside Apple info. Once it's a verified story you can read it in all kinds of media, even prime time TV news. We come here to read upcoming stuff, and Apple is not open about them most of the time...
  • Apple plans new 16- to 16.5-inch MacBook Pro in 2019 aimed at pro designers

    macxpress said:
    Apple developing a laptop aimed at gamers???? LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

    What gamer is going to buy a Mac?
    The kind with a job, who doesn't live in their parent's basement, and who wants to also do other serious work with the machine, but doesn't mind playing very nice games, and is not shallow to ignore everything but this year's AAA titles.