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  • Actually, there is something new about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7

    hagar said:
    Thanks for pointing me to Joanna Stern's article on iPhone and AI in WSJ. I think she's spot on. The position of Apple on privacy is not a desirable one. If I look at my Android friends that are amazed by the AI delivered to their phone by Google & friends that analyse their data, I can't help but wonder how Apple will ever deliver something similar? 
    Nobody seems to care that Apple protects their privacy (it's a multinational too!) and Google not. They just want useful information delivered to them when they need it.

    Yeah, fuck privacy, just give me useless "You have a plane to catch in 3 hours" and "Do you want to buy Mountain Dew? You bought some last week and it should be consumed by now" notifications.
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  • AirPods Pro use custom silicone ear-tip, basically non-repairable

    and have found that it is still essentially not user repairable at all

    Because otherwise users regularly repair their other bluetooth earphones?
  • 'Apple File System' will scale from Apple Watch to Macs, replace HFS+

    bitmod said:
    looking forward to all our clients wondering why they can't read their usb sticks at home or on older/other systems or pc's add nausea...
    Yeah, let's stay forever with a stale filesystem because else some users might annoy support departments...

    Besides USB sticks are usually FAT32 or xFAT as sold, and left at that in use.

    Very few people format their USB sticks as HFS+, and those that do are not the kind of users that will wonder why those formatted in a new FS wont be read by older computers.

  • Apple's brawny 5G iPhone family will require larger, pricey motherboards

    Apple's first 5G iPhones are expected to rip movies, emails and photos down from the cloud at record speeds

    No, they really aren't. Carriers don't have the bandwidth, even if they nominally claim they have "5G" networks...

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  • No Lightning or USB-C in a future iPhone is a very bad idea

    qwwera said:
    I can’t wait. Charging cables have always been the worst part of phone ownership and wireless chargers work amazing. 
    The sooner the better.
    I wish you a painful death of your future port-less phone and the need to use a wired device with it.

  • Apple security chief Thomas Moyer indicted in concealed firearm permit bribery case

    nikon1 said:
    “ Jensen reportedly managed to get Moyer to promise that Apple would donate 200 iPads, worth about $70,000, to the Sheriff's Office. Undersheriff sung also extracted from Chadha, the insurance broker, a "promise of $6,000 worth of luxury box seat tickets to a San Jose Sharks hockey game."

    In California, it is illegal to carry a concealed firearm without a CCW license that can cost between $200 and $400.

    So these 2 CLOWNS (Moyer & Chadha) risked their careers and wanted to avoid paying between $200 & $400 to legitimately get their CCW legally?  They should be imprisioned for pure greed and stupidity.

    What a pair of Morons!
    Looks like you're the real moron for not understanding the situation...

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  • Apple says Spotify 'wants all the benefits of a free app without being free'

    Just block Spotify entirely. That will kill it within 2-3 months.
  • Apple's 'iPhone 11' event is probably on September 10

    The day before 9/11? That seems like a tone-deaf choice of dates.
    Actually what seems tone-deaf (not to mention absurd) is that 9/10 (or 9/12) would have any special meaning...

    It's amazing what BS people think, or even complain about!
  • Spotify says subscriber growth now doubles Apple Music

    I don't see how Spotify's metrics are relevant.

    For one, everybody (including Apple) knows that Apple Music is 90% for the Apple ecosystem users.

    Those, if one includes all macOS/iOS users, are still much smaller compared to Android and Windows users.

    And Apple doesn't much care about those others (even if they will e.g. make a client for Android, like they have a Windows iTunes).

    So I don't think Apple expects to get the non-iOS/macOS part of the market, and thus doesn't expect to ever be larger than someone that does...
  • Garmin takes on Apple Watch with OLED-based Venu, Marvel wearables

    Lol. I thought it said these were made to compete? At virtually the same price as the Apple Watch, what’s the benefit?
    Not being locked to Apple, sturdier, better for activity, more focused on the essential functionality, way more battery life, among other things...