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  • Apple working on car windshield anti-glare system to protect driver from bright lights

    This is the first sign of Apple not only interested in the hardware and construction of an automobile, but also the integration of driver and self-driving vehicle. Seems like a pointless patent even if it's purely defensive. By the time any of this tech will be produced, it will probably be illegal for human drivers to operate their vehicles on public roads.
  • Apple Music overtakes Spotify in U.S. subscriber counts

    nunzy said:
    What would happen if Apple banned Spotify from all of its devices?

    They might lose a couple of device sales, but probably not many. Apple has the ability. But do they have the nerve?
    Why would they bother? This article proves they are already winning in the US without banning Spotify. They make more money and more happy customers by offering competing services. Unlike MS or Google, Apple has never been about dominating marketshare for any of their products. The closest they've ever come to any monopoly was the iPod but they only tripped into that monopoly because the competition was so bad.
  • Apple Watch gets special Veterans Day activity challenge

    eriamjh said:
    This challenge might be something for people are are very inactive, but to me, someone who walks 10 miles per day and works out 3 days a week, it's a joke.  
    All of these challenges are designed for people who exercise infrequently and general fitness education. Otherwise, they would be too busy exercising to care about getting a badge. I do exercise regularly in a gym but even I can use some encouragement like this from time to time.
  • Apple AirPods dominant, despite late entrance in 'totally wireless headphone' market segme...

    cmert42 said:
    I've owned other Bluetooth earbuds in the past and didn't care for them. I've always found the latency while watching video to be unbearable. Can any AirPod owners explain their experience? Does they work well no matter what service is being used (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, personal media, etc)? Can I use them to stream sound from an ATV so I don't keep my wife up when she falls asleep at 8:30?
    I use them regularly to watch ATV for that very reason. I stream Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and YouTube from my iOS devices too and have no sync issues at all.
  • Apple to launch 4K Apple TV model at September iPhone event

    justme12 said:
    I'm looking into a Amazon Fire Stick. 

    I've owned EVERY Apple TV from the beginning - I just feel I really just feel I've been a pay to Apple beta tester. Felt this way two generations of AppleTV back. I think I'm done with the ATV now.

    Apple you have gotten a few hundred? Thousand dollars from me for ATV now. Why bother anymore? Going to buy the cheaper stuff. Does the same thing at this stage.
    You might want to hold off at least until they announce it because Apple might announce a full catalog of movies in 4K and HDR too. Last time I checked Amazon only had a fraction of movies in 4K and none in HDR yet.